Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A big mistake..... and a bigger blessing

Yesterday was such a bad day, however it really ended with a huge blessing I could not have seen coming. To make a very long day short, I have been trying to order my meds for this last round of IVF for the past two weeks. It has had to be transferred to 2 different pharmacies, needed prior authorizations, needed quantity changed etc. I mean more red tape than I have ever seen for some hormones!!! Anyway, I was willing to wait for all this to go through my insurance instead of paying the 1000s of dollars for the cash price.

Last time we cycled, this same insurance charged me a copay of $150 for Folli.stim!!! Yes that's right, $150.00!!! I could NOT believe it when she told me the price, and I questioned it over and over. So why did they call yesterday and say I have no coverage for fertility meds? I was so confused and frustrated of being on the phone all day........and they should have told me this 2 weeks ago when all the paper trail began!

Finally someone was able to sift through my record and see what happened, and basically they made a mistake last time when I ordered. A very big one, this drug this time around will be $2880.00. So finally it was determined that none of these drugs were going to be covered.

Then I started to have a panic attack. We don't have the $5000 anymore for these meds, I was sure they were covered again like last time, no change in anything so why wouldn't they? Well I couldn't have been more wrong!!

I called the clinic and said I did not have the money for the meds, could I just forfeit my last two cycles that I have already paid for as part of the shared risk program? She said I could, but they would have to tally up everything I have had done there during these last 2 cycles (at full price) and I would probably end up owing money!!! Are you kidding me?

Then I panicked even more. Of course this was just about the time my whole company was getting together in the same room for a Christmas potluck celebration and here I am crying in my office......ugh this whole thing sucks!

Well finally I got a hold of my mom, I know she can always talk sense to me and help calm me down. Not only did she do that, but she said she would give us the $5000 to pay for the medications to continue our last 2 cycles (fresh and FET)!!! I have said before on this blog that my mother is angel, but she really is!! Who else's mom would do this without a single hesitation, and she has offered to try to be a surrogate for us! I am so blessed to have her.

Then Sweetness and I went out to the mall and picked up some Christmas spirit just walking through the crowds and lights. It was a very nice end to a very frustrating day.

So that was my day. Yes, my insurance make a $3000 mistake........ but I was exceedingly blessed by an amazing gift. Thank you Momma- you really are the best mother in the world!