Thursday, June 24, 2010

The plan....

Hey guys!!! It seems most of the invited people have let me know one way or another that they are now on the blog with us, now that we are private!!!

So just wanted to give an update on where we are....... I am due to start my cycle any day now. The day I begin, we start Birth control pills (BCPs) and we are on those for 8 days, and then I begin Lupron injections. Lupron will function to basically put my ovaries into menopause, meaning they do not want my ovaries active AT ALL, then I will start injecting the stimming medications to mature many eggs at one time all at the same stage of development for harvesting. We are looking at being done with this cycle (and will know whether we are pregnant) by the end of July or early August!!!

We are so excited. I am trying to clean out everything and tackle some of the jobs on my list.

I am very stressed at work, and it is not good. I have caught some of the higher ups in lies and it is just not a good situation. I am trying really hard to be thankful I have a job in this down economy, but it is real tough some days. I do not need to be stressed at all during this stage, I don't want to waste $20 000!!!

Thank you for all coming along this journey with me!!! We will have an amazing ending!!!