Thursday, March 5, 2015

12 weeks today and another ER visit!!

  So yeah.  This baby is making me sooooooo sick.  On Monday night I started having chest pains again, enough it was scaring me.  So off to the ER Sweetness and I went. After waiting over 4 hours in the waiting room, when I finally was seen the doctor seemed pretty concerned. After an EKG that was normal, they did a d-dimer test which looks for blood clots or blood clot break down materials.  They were checking to see if I could have had a pulmonary embolism causing the chest pain. 
Well wouldn't you know, the test came back positive. I was very scared at that point, so they called in maternal fetal medicine docs to handle the situation.  The specialists were in agreement that doing a chest CT scan was not in the best interest of the baby, so we opted aganist that. But they felt that since my vitals were normal, that the test was likely positive due to pregnancy in general which can make it positive. 

They then began to address the extreme hyperemesis  (nausea & vomiting) with which I have been afflicted. Trying to avoid me having an in-patient stay they ordered home health to come out and infuse 2 bags of IV fluids daily and then put me on a continuous Zofran pump to try to get the wretching to stop.  So all of the meds and supplies finally arrived today at my doorstep and the nurse called and she will be here to my home to begin everything at 10am tomorrow morning. I have never been so excited to be hooked up to an IV in my life!!!  I just want some relief. This is so bad. I've lost so much weight since getting pregnant (40 lbs) and that is not good for the baby at all.  I will keep you updated on how that goes. 

But the highlight of our 12 hour ER visit was they did so a very in depth sonogram of the baby to be sure everything was okay Bc I was experiencing some tightness and cramping as well. 

Here is the best picture from that in depth scan...... Can not believe how perfectly formed the baby is already !!!
I added the 11weeks 5days to the picture obviously, but I want to be able to remember the gestational age of each sonogram picture. But seeing the vertebrae and the brain parts and of course the precious beating heart is such a privledge, something I can never get used to!!!!   Just amazing!!  (And I did inquire about why we can't see the legs and the technician said they were there and all was fine but it was just the plane this picture was taken in kind of cut them off). I was panicked for a moment!! But baby looks great!!!! 

So we are 12 weeks along today and I am so excited to be moving into the 2nd (and from what I hear the best) trimester of pregnancy!!

Thank you again for your continued prayers and good thoughts for this miracle baby. We are moving along on the nursery and I have pics to post of that as well!!!!  Maybe that will be my next post later this week!