Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Our trip to see Santa.

So our trip to see Santa started out as a lazy Saturday morning just laying around with our peanut on the bed. She is so fun on weekend mornings, playing and smiling on our bed!!

Then it was time for a bath to get all dressed up to see Santa for the first time!!! She loves baths now, no crying at all, just smiles and coos!! Here she is all wrapped up in her teddy bear towel, Daddy taking pics so we can remember how much fun it was!

Me and the princess!!!

Then she was all dressed and posed for some pics at home before we left for the mall....

Pure beauty.

Our angel......

The face I love to kiss and snuggle all day......

And finally the finished product at the mall. It actually turned out really cute i thought. We bought 4 5x7s for grandparents etc. and then the CD with the copyrights of the picture, so we can do anything we want to with this image..... we will save it forever that's for sure.

Hopefully one day she will look back and think how precious she looked on her very first Christmas with Santa....... Miracles happen to those who believe!!

After this picture was taken, we changed her into another more comfortable Christmas outfit and we met up with my mom and grandmother and we shopped for another 5 hours!!! So we are ready for Christmas. We have not really bought any presents to give this year. I hate it but its just the way it is financially. The adoption and all its expenses have hit hard, and me being out of work for maternity leave were all more important than buying gifts. Chloe is our gift straight from above.... and we need nothing else. Just tie a big red bow on her and our hearts are truly satisfied!!!!

On another note:

I just want to let my friends that are still waiting for their 'miracle' this holiday season know that I am still praying for you. I know how bad it hurts this time of year, it is so crushing at the holidays that you literally think some times you can't go on. But the Lord will sustain you and He has your life in His hands. Its not easy, but trust me I have been there for many years, I understand.

And to my precious friend Kim, who just miscarried yesterday, I love you. Sometimes that's all you can say. I'm here for you and we will get through this together. I'm just so sorry!!!

May the miracle of Christmas fill your hearts once again!!!!