Monday, September 13, 2010

A visit with an old friend

Hey guys! I know I have not posted anything on here in really like a week! I am so sorry! But I have been unbelievably tired. I mean so tired at times I have felt like I was going to fall asleep while lecturing to my class. I have already had a sleep study done last year and I do not have sleep apnea or narcolepsy, but man I feel like something is really off. So I have had blood taken, and I will go next Thursday for a physical to see what is up.
There have been so many fun things that have happened that I need to post pictures of on here. We had that wonderful Labor Day get together at our house last Monday that I have yet to post about. And then this past weekend we went over to my old friend Allison's house.
I met Allison back in 1998, when we were both in medical school. Her husband was also there with us in med school. Well since med school, she has since earned her JD (juris doctorate- a lawyer) and her husband has since earned his MD- he is an anesthesiologist. I am so impressed with them!!! Well her hubby went into the Navy just recently and he got stationed here in our area, and we were able to reunite after like 9 years of not seeing each other. It was so much fun!!
When we arrived she was hard at work cooking dinner for us! Wonderful cuban porkchops, salad, rolls, fresh boiled corn and tea!!! MMMMMmmmmm good! She even made some Key-Lime pie! Awesome!

Since their house is about 2 blocks from the beach, we walked down to the beach for a bit! Here is Allison and Sean with their two sons, Jacob and Liam.

Then here is a pic of Sweetness and I, all decked in our Alabama regalia!

These were two of the cutest Pomeranian dogs I have ever seen! They were hanging on the beach too!

Then we came back to their house, and it was time for the Penn State vs Alabama game! Anyone that knows me well knows how much I LOVE ME SOME ALABAMA FOOTBALL!!! My blogger friend Melanie made me this really cool necklace and earrings . It has "Roll Tide Roll" stamped on the medallion. She is so talented.

Then it was time to watch them ROLL!!! This is Liam and I watching the game.
And here Jacob has joined us!

They were such great kids. Very sweet and exceptionally smart! We had such a great time! Thanks Allison and Sean for having us over. Now we can be friends that actually get to see each other some!
And one more bit of news. Sweetness surprised me last night, and said he was taking me to the Alabama game in Durham THIS Saturday as they play Duke at their home. My grandmother lives just outside of Durham so it will be a fun trip, and I actually get to see my boys play LIVE!!! I am so thrilled!!! You KNOW there will be pictures to follow that one!!!
Well until next time.....Have a wonderful day!!!