Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sleeping under the owl tree....

In my last post, I shared with you that we had ordered this awesome tree decal for the nursery wall. Well it came so quick- and I could not resist putting it up!!! So here it is, it was pretty easy actually. Here is our box waiting for us on our porch.

So basically you had to take it in individual sections and piece it all together. This is a pic of the bottom 2 parts of the trunk.

Then we had to get the ladder because it was so high to the ceiling. Sweetness did a grat job smoothing out those small little branch ends at the top.

Then we added on the extraneous branches on each side.... and voila!!! A whole tree, with a sweet owl looking on.

Now it was time to make this tree come to life.... We added on lots of leaves and still ended up with many left!!!

Then we added the 3 little birds that came with it. When I ordered this I chose white birds because I knew our walls were a light pink but YOU CANT SEE THEM AT ALL!!! So I have written the company to ask them if I could pay for the 3 birdies in another color. I just heard back from them, and they said for an extra $12 they would send me another set of birdies in a dark pink, which should look really nice!!! ..... I ll post a pic when can get them changed.
Here is another look at the birdies..... all 3 of them
And here it is all finished.... I really love it and I think it really brough so much life to the room. I just love it!! I hope you guys do too!!