Monday, January 17, 2011

Happy Anniversary Sweetness!

Well today is my second wedding anniversary!! It was a beautiful day with the love of my life. When I think back over the last two years, we have had so much fun, so much laughter and so much love. But at the same time we have had sooo much heartbreak, enough for a lifetime it feels like.

But I would not change it at all if it meant not having this incredible man. He truly loves me in a way I need to be loved and did not even know. He makes me believe in myself and the impossible. He treats me with such kindness and compassion. I need him in my life to smooth my rough edges. He truly completes me.

We went to dinner tonight. We celebrated our love and our marriage. I asked Sweetness at dinner, in all of our 2 years married, what was his favorite day..... and after a lot of thought, he said it was the day we went to Babies R Us and bought baby stuff and got our nursery together. It really broke my heart. I want this so badly for him, for me, for my mom.......Lord please give us a baby........ please don't leave my husband aching this way, he will make an INCREDIBLE father. I cant wait until next year on our anniversary and hopefully I can ask that same question and he can say the "day our baby was born." That truly is my dream.

I am feeling pretty good these days. I am feeling better about our upcoming cycle. I still have not started, so I will go to the clinic tomorrow morning and get Progesterone/Estrogen levels and figure out when we are going to start Lu.pron if I have ovulated or not. So lets get this started, we want the prize at the end.....

I'll let you know tomorrow when I find out when we start. But for now, good night blogger world from a very happy WIFE!!!!