Wednesday, October 6, 2010

On My Knees

Well the days have been really flying by. I cant believe another week is almost over!

We have a tentative plan. We are waiting for AF to show, I'm now on day 35, I wont even bother with a HPT, we all know what it will say anyways. So whenever I do start, we will begin BCPs, and then after 2 weeks on them, we begin Lupron for 2 weeks. Then hopefully have a period, then start the Vivelle patches. gradually increasing my estrogen to mimic a normal cycle. My RE is doing all this to suppress my ovaries to be sure I don't bleed in the middle of the cycle again!

We feel hopeful, but in an odd way at peace. I am not allowing this to consume my every thought and I don't feel so stressed. Sweetness and I have bonded over this struggle with infertility. He and I have really cemented our marriage and our bond with one another- and we will last a lifetime for SURE- maybe even an eternity! I love him with everything I am, I can not imagine being more in love with someone than I am with him. And to think I never thought he would show up in my life- but here he is. Going through this is hard enough without having a husband that is checked out of the process. I am truly blessed in my marriage.

So I don't know how many of you watched the "Rally to restore America" hosted by Glenn Beck in August. But one wonderful thing he said in that speech was to pray openly on your knees and let your children see you on your knees so they will learn to acknowledge the Lord's sovereignty. Well I pray all the time, but after he said that, I thought "You know , I should really pray on my knees more".

I have started doing that more and more, and just the act of kneeling in submission to a holy, amazing God has really been awesome! It has given me a new appreciation for prayer and the power it can have in one's life! I know God hears me, I know He sees our pain, and he will fulfill our dreams and desires with what is best for us, I know that full well.

Sweetness and I pray nightly together, but I also think its important for every one to have their own individual prayer time with the Lord. So my knees are blistered, but there is no better ache than to kneel before the King!

I hope you guys have a great week! Thank you for all your prayers on your knees on our behalf! God hears them all!