Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Day 1

Well I know yesterday I said I was going to start the 30 in 30 days postings that my blogger friends are doing, however, now that we are actually stimming and going through an active IVF cycle, I figured I would just focus on that for now.

Boy these injections are not fun!!! So we are injecting 300units of Gon.al-F and 75units of Repro.nex each evening, then 5 units of Lu.pron and 40mg of Lov.enox each morning! This morning was the first day I have ever injected Lov.enox- OUCH!!!! It burnt the mess out of me!

But alas, this is what I wanted so I shall not complain! Things are going very well. I will update more when I know. I go back to the clinic Friday morning for my first follicle scan!

One thing Sweetness and I noticed last night after reading over our blog, is that almost one year to the day last year we started our first IVF #1 stimming. I really cant believe it has been an entire year building to this point, yet I can. Somedays I feel like I have been infertile for 5 years and other days like only a month or so. I pray wholeheartedly that this is it, and I will be able to celebrate and turn this blog into a pregnancy blog!

I will let you guys know when we get closer!!! Thanks again for the prayers!

Grow follies grow!!!