Thursday, June 7, 2012

BIG milestone- Baby girl can sit up by all by herself!!!!

I am so proud of my little momma!!!  She is sitting up without any help now!!
These pictures were taken Saturday evening June 2nd, after she had a bath to get ready for church the next day.  She didn't even know what she really did.  But I went crazy I was so happy to see her do it by herself!!!

 I caught this funny little face...

 And she knows how to wave bye-bye now..... its so cute!!!
 Sometimes she doesn't trust herself, she looks a little pensive here as she bites all 4 fingers!!! lol
But this Momma's heart was so worried about her NF delaying her developmental milestones.  And so far it has not at all from what I can see. 
But speaking of NF, I am taking her to her neurologist this afternoon and I hope they have finally gotten the results of the genetic testing back.  We never have found out the results of does she have the NF gene or not??  They drew her blood over 7 weeks ago, so hopefully it will be all good news today!!!