Friday, August 26, 2011

Good 'ole Irene !!!

Well just in case you live under a rock...... we are getting hit by a pretty bad hurricane this weekend. Sweetness and I have decided to stay home and ride it out. I actually do not think it's going to be AS BAD as they were originally saying two days ago.

But we have taped up all the windows, gotten non perishable groceries, filled the bath tubs with water, taken pictures of all our belongings, charged all cell phones and our back up batteries, and we are as ready as we can be.

So supposedly by the time we wake up in the morning (Sat morning) we will be having tropical force winds and then tomorrow evening is going to be hard core. The vet gave us a sedative tonight for each dog to help them ride out the storm. They are both so old and they have been so nervous all day, I wanted them to not have a full blown panic attack when that wind starts howling tonight.

But thank you all so much for the facebo.ok messages and the prayers wondering how we are and if we are staying or not.

And earlier this week (Tuesday) we had the first earthquake centered on the east coast in 64years I think I heard. It was so eery to feel the whole building shake under you!!!

Thankfully I know I am a born again christian, because all of this sure makes me think that it is getting close to the end times...... but please Lord let me become a mom first...... I am sooo close.

Birth mom actually CALLED me, yes I really talked to her on the phone today not just texted. And she sounds really excited finally to come here an stay with us. The biggest news of the day is that the doctor pushed up her due date to Oct. 17th!!!!! Wow that means we literally have like 7 weeks until she is supposed to be here!!! And Ive said all along I think she will deliver early,. Its getting so close I can taste it....I can feel her in my arms, and I can small that new baby smell......

Thank you all again for everything. Please keep praying, we are almost ready to get off this roller coaster!!

I will update on the other side of Irene....... here we go!!!