Friday, March 2, 2012

"Baby Anna"

Just a little deviation from my "little bit" always hogging the whole blog Haha- my co-worker Bettina had her sweet baby girl the other day, and last night I stopped by the hospital to see her little bundle of joy. This is her and her hubby's first child. They had been trying awhile- not that long though- and then one day she comes to work and says "Yeah I think I am pregnant."

I said "really? Why?" She said, I just have a feeling. And sure enough her "feeling " was spot on!!! Then when she went to find out the baby's sex at 20 weeks they could hardly tell which it was bc of baby's legs being crossed, so it was a guesstimate - of a girl. So she was really praying that the whole pregnancy that all the stuff she bought and was given was really going work!!! So without further ado :

Christi'anna Elizabeth Gattling

Feb. 29, 2011

6lbs 15 ozs. 20 in. long

Baby "Anna" and her mommy are doing great!!!!

These are just some pictures I took when I stopped by last night to visit her.
Here is mommy and her new little one!!!

She and her hubby have a whole new life ahead of them!!

When I held Anna I had for gotten what it felt like to hold a six pounder. Chloe was even smaller than Anna- which is so hard to believe!!!

In closing- Congratulations Bettina and William- she is just perfect and beautiful. Your life will never EVER be the same and you now know what true love is.......