Tuesday, January 31, 2012

15 weeks and Mommy's Birthday :)

So here we are another busy busy week later, and baby girl is another week older. I wish so badly I could stop time for a bit. My baby girl is not so baby anymore. She is still in 3 month clothes and size 1 diapers but she is really advancing in her skills as we will see in this post.

So she turned 15 weeks old on Sunday~~

but she had to share the day with Mommy, as it was my 36th birthday!!
It was one of the more low-key birthdays but it was also nice to just relax with my two loves (Sweetness and Chloe) and enjoy the day.

Then I let Chloe know her Grandma and Great-grandma were coming over and we all were headed to my fave spot, P.F. Chang's for a nice birthday dinner!!! As judging by her reaction below, she was pretty happy about that news! LOL

After we completely stuffed ourselves on the best Chinese food in the land, we had our amazing waitress Holly take our picture. She was such a good waitress, it just really makes your dining experience so much more enjoyable!!!

and Ms. Party pants hit a milestone while sitting in her car seat getting ready to leave the restaurant!!!! She actually began to reach and touch for a toy on her own!!!! That is the first time she has done that without any help!!!!
And of course I had my camera to capture it !!!! :)

We then rolled home and they surprised me with cake and ice cream and singing!!! Best part was we tried baby girl in her high chair for the first time since in 2 weeks she will be starting her on her solids and she needs to like her highchair anyway.....well ......

Judging by her sweet expression, I'd say s a success!!!!

And earlier in the past week, other random cuteness was sure to be found.....

everywhere you look in my house........

But we love it......

because, this happy, fun atmosphere that now invades our house;

has taken over us too!!!! Mommy and Daddy are full of unspeakable joy and full of smiles just like baby Chloe!!!!!

We were both talking the other night, and we realized that finally

we really DO have everything we have ever dreamed of when we dated and planned our little lives together. And MAN THAT FEELS SO GOOD!!!!!

All because of the miracle of one special, perfectly-made-for-us amazing little girl, who has changed us in amazing ways, and best of all- brought out the HAPPY that is out to stay, as we celebrate the life our beautiful baby girl.