Thursday, September 22, 2011

The time is getting close

Just a small random update really.

L is still not in labor yet, she actually is at the doctor as I type. She goes every Thursday now for this last month. But my nephew whom I thought had his head screwed on straight has lost his mind apparently. He has apparently found a little part time on the side job while he is there awaiting the birth of his child, because he is soooo "bored". (Oh what I would do to be BORED). But come to find out this so called part time job is keeping him from making it to appts with L and specifically these very important doctor appts about the baby.

Last night Sweetness and I let him have it. L is texting me crying and all this because he wont come with her to the doctor (so simple right) and he is just sitting on the phone in silence with my husband. I am so over ALL OF THIS. Its getting to the point, where I dont care how it ends, it JUST HAS TO END. I am short of breath all of the time, migraine headaches not to mention the tight chest, and my doc says it is the extreme stress I am under. Because I am young my body is handling it in a different way, If I was an older person I would have had a heart attack by now.

I dont want to complain, I love Chloe, I adore her, the thought of her; but I just want this to be a peaceful, happy and joyous occasion. And because of the extreme immaturity of two teenagers it is sucking the absolute life out of my husband and me until we can not take anymore. There has to be an end to all of this, and SOON.

Other than that, we are just waiting patiently for the call we have been dreaming of. That she is in labor. It can come any day. ANYDAY!!!! I have always wanted a little carseat in my car, well here it is---- my very first precious little carseat in my car. It makes me tear up sometimes looking back at it, but I am envisioning that sweet baby in it, cooing and crying and the joy that will fill my heart when I hear that very soon!!!!

Thanks guys for everything- Please keep praying now more than ever- that L will not be so mad at my nephew at his latest stupid antics that she won't even let him in the room during her giving birth!!! I will update this blog from my phone when she goes into labor and we are driving so you guys will know to pray. Thanks again everyone- Sweet Baby Chloe is fast on her way to our arms hopefully very soon- I can feel it!!!