Friday, January 7, 2011

The Ultrasound was not to be

Hi ladies. Just wanted to give you an update. I know many of you have emailed me and texted me privately waiting to see how the US went this morning with the BM. Well............

I texted BM last night to ask if we were still on for this morning? and she replied that they had called her and left a message that they had to cancel as they were overbooked. My heart just sank.
So we texted a few more times, and I told her she really needed to push for this US that is owed her because she is already 26 weeks now. They have cancelled it 3 times now. Granted we are dealing with military hospitals and doctors. whom my friends and family have told me are notorious for canceling appointments. So that has given me some comfort.

I did not sleep at all last night, so sad and disappointed. But I am really trying to not allow Satan to steal my joy. He is trying real hard by getting me worked up about everything, BUT I KNOW the Lord brought this girl and this precious child in my life- HE HAS AN AMAZING PLAN and no matter what I do or say He is going to see this through according to HIS will. God is bigger than all these cancelled appointments etc.

But as far as I know everything is still fine. I am going to try real hard to not contact BM for an entire week, and give her a chance to reach out to me. She is still very young and immature in some ways and I am sure not really even wanting to think about what is going on in her body right now.

Last night Sweetness and I exchanged the bedding we had purchased for her room, with something a bit more "girly"- and I am so glad we did, it is going to be wonderful. Now I am completely happy with it, and all I have left to do is get some paint and paint the light blue walls in her room to a soft baby pink!

I can not believe how much we have gotten for this little princess in just about 3 weeks!!! We bought the crib, and it just showed up at our house by FedEx yesterday and we bought the bedding and a brand new stroller- carseat system. And then I have found some AMAZING deals on high dollar stuff on Craigslist. I have gotten a bassinet, back up car seat, boppy bouncer, white changing table, white dresser, glider ottoman and footstool, swing, pack and play with all the bells and whistles and about 1000 outfits from one lady whose baby is now 15 months old all newborn- 12mos old!!! We are so ready!!! I will post pics of her room when we get it all set up and painted!

Thanks again for all the love that is pouring in- we are OVER THE MOON WITH HAPPINESS!!!!