Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Great Pumpkin Patch of 2012

This past Saturday we did something that I have always wanted to do with my future child...... we visited a pumpkin patch!!!  It really was fun- pretty much all that I envisioned it to be.
We went to a local farm in the area called Brookdale Farms where they grow tons of pumpkins and corn and other vegetables all year.  My friend Tonya and her hubby went here last year and loved it so we decided to go with them this year and check it out!!  And as a bonus, my sweet friend Tara was in town visiting from Pennsylvania, so she hung out with us as well!!!

So this was the beginning of our journey, I took a picture of most of our group as we were searching for the perfect pumpkin!!! My Sweetness here in black and Tonya's hubby Greg were hilarious as they were on the "hunt" for that pumpkin!  Tara was wheeling the wheelbarrow and before we knew it, the guys had piled like 6 pumpkins in the wheelbarrow!! LOL  So we had to trim it down to the perfect one for both of us...... but I think the men conquered the quest- true to their male makeup-  search and conquer!!
Tonya brought their Red Flyer wagon you can see in this picture for the girls to ride in through the patch.  It was a total hit!!  I love how it has sun shades for both of them, and they each had seat belts and everything!  Sarah and Chloe are 3 months apart but they are still working on their social skills and learning how to share..... but I love to see how little ones learn to communicate with others their age- it's fascinating!!!
I love this shot- it looks so countryish (is that a word???lol) and serene and peaceful!  The silos in the back just take me to a place mentally free of the hustle and bustle of the everyday grind.  And of course our 2 sweeties sitting in the wagon just adds to the awesomeness of this picture for me :)
So let me emphasize how blasted HOT it was outside!!!!  It was certainly NOT fall weather- it was 90 degrees people- yes 90 degrees in mid October!!!  So poor Chloe and Sarah were sweating terribly which of course makes for cranky babies- and not to mention a cranky Momma too!!! 
Finally after we purchased our pumpkins, we also purchased tickets for the horse wagon hay ride that they had at the farm.  As we waited for the ride to circle back around, we decided to take some haystack pics of out families and the girls in their matching shirts!  Did I mention it was hot outside that day?  This pic literally shows the punishing heat we were trying to ignore all day  Ha!

This seems to a familiar picture whenever we get the girls together!!!  :)  Chloe is always trying to have some of whatever Sarah is eating.  Chloe is not a real "snacker" yet, but Sarah is older and she carries her little snacks around, and Chloe wants to be a part of that--- Sarah does not really want her to though!!!  But Chloe managed to sneak one of her goldfish that had fallen on her lap before we moved Sarah onto the right side of the haystack!!

Chloe and her first Pumpkin......  "What do I do with this thing Momma?"
She wasn't quite sure what to do with it either!!!  LOL
We decided to grab a family shot at the pumpkin patch- by this time I had my hair pulled back in a rubber band and wishing I could disrobe- but I saved the public from that display--Haha- It was brutal out there!!!
......and of course kisses from the Momma and Daddy!!!
While still waiting for the horses to bring around the wagon...... I decided to take a few snap shots of Tara and Chloe!  Man I love this picture!  It shows pure joy and happiness from both of them!  :)
Finally we were on our horse drawn hay ride around the farm, and it was so much fun!!!  But did I mention it was scorching hot???  Hence my child that is always dressed to a tee, has no shirt on!  She loved the hay ride, she was so fascinated by the horses because we were sitting right up front by the farmer holding the reigns of his horses.
Good Times !!!!
Quick pic of the family....
So this is Bill and Ed. That is truly the horse's names!! These horses listen to no one except him (the farmer), and it is amazing what they can do, he would tell them to "pick it up a bit now" and they would start to trot, he'd say "Bill and Ed, Geee" and they would both turn to the right, he would say "Bill and Ed,  Haawwllllll" and they would both turn to the left!!!
This was our view for the ride, and I asked the farmer a million questions about the horses, I just find them so fascinating!!! He takes excellent care of them, they are like his babies. Bill and Ed are Belgian quarter horses and are 12 and 13 years old respectively.

And finally a head picture of our new friends..... they were just beautiful!!!

A great time was had by all!!!  We were soaked with sweat, and by the time we were leaving Chloe was down to just a diaper!!!  Haha!!  And as we were getting in the car, a lady next to us had a 12week old black lab puppy.  Chloe LOVES dogs because we have two and she wants to play with them.  I thought she looked so cute with this sweet little puppy!!

So there you have it folks......The Pumpkin Patch of 2012!!!  I think this is the last thing that I had yet to do for the first time with Chloe since she turns a year old in one week from yesterday!!!  I just can not believe it has gone by sooooooo fast!!!
I am feverishly getting things together for her 1st birthday party this Saturday----its only in 2 days, and I am freaking out!!!  I have so much to do, and not a lot of money to spend on a 1 year old's party that will be just happy to get her fingers in that cake and get messy- the harder I try to keep her clean.  Hahahaha!!
But we are still getting several proofs of our amazing photo shoot we had as a family this past Saturday.  I have only gotten about 8 of the over 400 pictures she took, but you will not believe how beautiful these pics turned out!!!!  My gracious- I just love it when things turn out like you envisioned!!!  I am going to include just one here so you can get a taste of the beautiful images I will be sharing with you real soon, as soon as she sends me the CD!!!
Here ya go.........