Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Blog Must Go On!!!!

Hey guys!!

Thank you all for the comments both public and private about you wanting to continue to read my blog.  So I have decided to continue blogging!!!!!  Yeah!!!  Now everyone jump up and down  :0)

Due to maxing out the picture allowance I had to create another blog altogether!!  So I have done so and I have named it  "The Chloe Chronicles"  Clever eh?  All the creative input in that one goes to Sweetness!!!

Anyways..... the URL for the blog is watchingchloegrow.blogspot.com

PLEASE come on over and say Hi and tell me what you think of the new blog look and what things you might want to talk about.  And PLEASE sign up as a follower of the Chloe Chronicles blog, All you have to do is put your email in the box down on the left side where it says "Follow by email" and whenever there is a new post, you will receive an email alert so you can come read it!!

I need followers so I don't look like the lone ranger blogger out there!!!  So come on and join the blog!!

It is bitter sweet to leave this blog home---we shared a lot of sorrows on these pages, and we celebrated the most profound joys!!!!  Because I really wrote all of this for Chloe to read one day- I have had this second installment of Sweetness and Me published in a hardback book- starting the day before she was born up until her first birthday.  Its going to be a wonderful keepsake baby book for her one day- to see her entire first year- week by week.

   Inevitably, we will experience more heartache and more joy- after all that is what life is about- but as long as all my friends' are with me along the way- we will come out on the other side a much stronger person!!! 

So come on.....Go ahead and click this link Chloe's Chronicles and it will take you right to the new home of Chloe's Chronicles!!! and don't forget to bookmark the new address!!

See ya on the other side :)