Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The 2ww begins........

Well the dreaded 2ww has begun...... I have laid around all day and literally bored out of my mind. It is weird because when you have to get up and go to work you are exhausted and would do anything to stay in bed and sleep!! But when I can this morning, I just lay there, thinking about my subs and will they teach the class the way I would, and will my students grasp the information etc.....

But amazingly we are one day down and 12 more to go!!! I must say I have a really good feeling about this cycle...... I cant explain it, but I feel my soul is at peace. I am actually feeling like this may really work this time, I mean it might really work!!!!

So I am off the rest of this week and plan on doing nothing, and tomorrow is suppose to rain all day again like today, and if I love anything it is sleeping in a thunderstorm!!!

Something weird this morning, when I awoke, my throat was killing me! It felt like razorblades to swallow. It felt as if the uvuela in the back was swollen or something. It has gotten better throughout the day but now it is back and it is awful! I really hope I did not contract a virus from the people at the hospital!! I will keep an eye on this for sure!

Well thanks again for following us on the journey, we are hoping these really are our miracle buns in the oven!!!