Monday, May 14, 2012

My Very First Mother's Day

Well one of the most anticipated days of the year for me, happened yesterday.... My Very First Mother's Day as a mom!  And I must say it was everything I had hoped it would be and more.
First off Baby girl turned 31 weeks old yesterday, She is just growing like a weed.
She is a total tease with the camera these days.  She always acts so bashful and puts her little hand up in her mouth when she smiles, but she is not bashful at all, then she just lets out a loud giggle in delight!!!
We took these shots as we were on our way out the door headed to church.  We decided to make the long 45 minute drive to our home church in Hampton to worship with all our "family" of church members.  When we get in there it just feels right.  So we decided that we are going to bite the bullet and just make the drive to our home church each week.  We feel like this is the church where the Lord wants us, and that is reason enough for us.

And of ourse my sweet Momma joined us for church and then we all came back to our house and took "Mother's Day" pictures, which you will see below.  Chloe was so happy all day and man she was smiling for the pictures.....
Mommy and Chloe
Daddy and Chloe

Then my Mom starting playing with Chloe and trying to get all her kisses..... she just loved it and squealed with delight!!

Then we finally got a nice family portrait of the 3 of us outside under the shade tree.  I think this is the best one we have every taken of the 3 of us!!!\-

Then what I had been waiting so long for.... it was time to give my amazing Mom her Mother's Day present.  I had had it for awhile, but I was trying to be patient and wait until Mother's Day to give it to her.  So I was ready of course with e camera, and sweetness was filming it!!
So firstly she reads the card....while we stare at her; then she opened up the inside if the card- and she saw them!!!  There were 2 inner circle tickets to see Yanni LIVE on 6-5-12!!!
Here she is crying, although you can't tell from this picture, she was really really surprised and it was so nice to see her so happy!
There is no doubting that smile or this kind of happiness!!!!  Yeah!!!  Goal was accomplished~~ to make my Mom feel loved and feel soooo special.  She is truly the best Mother any one could 've ever had.  She is and has been my best friend for 36 years and has sacrificed everything so that I could have the latest and greatest when I was a child.  I can never thank her enough for everything she has given and taught me, but the best way I know how is to raise Chloe in the nuture and admonition of the Lord.
It was a really fabulous day with tons of love and laughter to go around.  After opening presents, Sweetness fired up the grill and we grilled out chicken and ate out on the patio.
Thank you Mom, Sweetness and my Chloe Bug for making my first real mother's day a day I will never forget!!!