Friday, March 20, 2015

Hello second trimester!!!!!

So yesterday was such a busy day for me. I traveled to Raleigh, NC for an interview and flew back the same day and boy was I exhausted!!!!  So today I am kind of paying for it.....

But yesterday we officially hit 14 weeks along!!  It's going so fast already!!  And at 14 weeks we are officially in the second trimester!  So exciting!  

I went to my regular OB appt this past Tuesday on St. Patrick's Day, and everything looked great!  They did a quick US and baby Jacob was moving all around in there and his fluid levels and his HB looked really good. So Dr. DeVenciana was very pleased with my progress and improvements from when I was in the hospital last week. 

Not too much else to report right now.  Things are starting to feel more like we have a baby coming...... We are moving along on his room and I promise to do a post on that real soon!  Oh and my Mom and I went shopping for maternity clothes Tuesday evening and that was a lot of fun. I was able to find some great work pants and 5 fun summer maternity shorts. They even had a fake belly to strap on to see how you are going to look and boy was that funny and shocking. I can't believe I will actually look like that!!!  Bring it on I say!!!  
I will start posting belly pics soon so I can look back and see my transformation.  I'm not really showing too much right now, I just can't suck my gut in so that's how I can tell!!  Lol!!!

Anyways, thanks for the prayers and I will update again soon!!!