Thursday, June 2, 2011

Getting closer.....

So yesterday after yet another phone call with the clinic, we have a more definitive timeline as we approach the actual stimulation to get my eggs. I just finished my pack of BCPs, and will start another pack next Tuesday. Meanwhile, my surrogate is 1 and 1/2 weeks into her pack of pills, so in another week and half she will have her cycle, and then start another pack as well. When that happens I will begin stimming. So we are looking at starting stimulation in me about mid-June or so. That puts the egg retrieval about the beginning of July or so. So we are moving closer and closer, I feel like I have been treading water for so long now, its ridiculous.

So I was reading in the news today, that "Octomom" Nadia's doctor will be stripped of his license. Not only for gross negligence in her case but also in 2 other cases of his patients that contracted ovarian cancer from fertility treatments. This got me thinking about something I have already thought about, but now rankly am worried about.

I have known these injections can not be good for you ovaries, and especially since I have done it now 3 times and am fixing to begin it for the fourth time!!! I remember asking my doctor about the risk and he said that doing fertility treatments may increase your risk from 1% to 2 or 3% chance of getting it with NO family history, which I do not have.

So this really will be the last time I ever do this- no matter the outcome- I can not put my body through this anymore.

This has been a great week actually at work. The students are still the same- but my boss has actually paid me a few compliments which I NEVER hear and it has made me at least feel acknowledged.

And today we are having our new King mattresses delivered!!!! I am so excited to sleep on them tonight! We even got a killer Memorial Day deal on new sheets at Macy's this weekend! Yoooo hooooo!!!!!

Thanks for the prayers and for hanging in with us in this long journey!