Sunday, October 31, 2010

Frustrated and tired of waiting....

Well today is Halloween- a day I do not celebrate in any way. I just hate everything associated with it. I don't begrudge anyone who chooses to celebrate it, but I just HATE this holiday.

But I have been in a bit of a cranky mood today, partly because I hate this day, and partly because I am sooooooo frustrated! I mean I am trying really hard to be patient, but I am now on cycle day like 60!!! I don't ever remember a time when my body has done this.....never! And because we are waiting to do our FET, it seems like my body WILL NOT cooperate! I have already taken a full course of Prove.ra and have waited the 2 weeks after the drug course to start and still......nothing!

I am not thinking about it all the time, I'm really not- It is just something that at the end of the day I think of and am like "I really haven't started today again?" Just so aggravated!!!

But a highlight of the weekend, was Sweetness and I went to a HUGE outlet mall yesterday about an hour and half from our house and got ALL our Christmas shopping done! Yes that's right, DONE!!!!! We also went to a Yankee Candle Factory outlet that is Christmas themed all year long and it was amazing!! I took tons of pictures and I will do that post sometime tomorrow at work, hopefully!

Thank you all for your faithfulness to pray for us even when I have not been updating my blog here much, but there really is not much going as we sit and wait for AF ya know? But I am still trying to stay current on all of your postings! Thanks again for the prayers and thoughts- they mean a lot to the both of us.

I will try to be in a better mood tomorrow, after all its November tomorrow and I am putting up my Christmas tree tomorrow evening-so I have a full 2 months to enjoy it!! Call me crazy or whatever- but WE LOVE CHRISTMAS SO MUCH !!!!!

Until next time- Prayers for all my friends waiting too- Lord Jesus please open our barren wombs!