Sunday, October 31, 2010

Frustrated and tired of waiting....

Well today is Halloween- a day I do not celebrate in any way. I just hate everything associated with it. I don't begrudge anyone who chooses to celebrate it, but I just HATE this holiday.

But I have been in a bit of a cranky mood today, partly because I hate this day, and partly because I am sooooooo frustrated! I mean I am trying really hard to be patient, but I am now on cycle day like 60!!! I don't ever remember a time when my body has done this.....never! And because we are waiting to do our FET, it seems like my body WILL NOT cooperate! I have already taken a full course of Prove.ra and have waited the 2 weeks after the drug course to start and still......nothing!

I am not thinking about it all the time, I'm really not- It is just something that at the end of the day I think of and am like "I really haven't started today again?" Just so aggravated!!!

But a highlight of the weekend, was Sweetness and I went to a HUGE outlet mall yesterday about an hour and half from our house and got ALL our Christmas shopping done! Yes that's right, DONE!!!!! We also went to a Yankee Candle Factory outlet that is Christmas themed all year long and it was amazing!! I took tons of pictures and I will do that post sometime tomorrow at work, hopefully!

Thank you all for your faithfulness to pray for us even when I have not been updating my blog here much, but there really is not much going as we sit and wait for AF ya know? But I am still trying to stay current on all of your postings! Thanks again for the prayers and thoughts- they mean a lot to the both of us.

I will try to be in a better mood tomorrow, after all its November tomorrow and I am putting up my Christmas tree tomorrow evening-so I have a full 2 months to enjoy it!! Call me crazy or whatever- but WE LOVE CHRISTMAS SO MUCH !!!!!

Until next time- Prayers for all my friends waiting too- Lord Jesus please open our barren wombs!

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  1. Christmas tree already?!? Haha, just kidding. Christmas is my all-time favorite holiday. Nothing compares. We get our tree the day after Thanksgiving and that's when we bring out the Christmas music and all the decor. Sigh...can't wait! We need some Christmas cheer.