Tuesday, November 16, 2010

An Update

Hey ladies! Quick update. Yesterday afternoon I went to the doctor for bloodwork and an US. Well I don't know the blood work results yet today, but Dr. O did my US, and I do have a trilaminar lining (which is great), however it is not thick enough at this point. So he has decided for me to be on estrog.en 3 days longer before starting progest.erone. So that means the transfer has been moved from Friday to Monday the 22nd. It is certainly not what we expected, and I already had my sub for my class all lined up, but Sweetness and I trust the Lord, and his TIMING most. We know there is a reason for this change in plans so we accept it with a joyful heart and trust that this will be OUR time!

Thanks fro praying, we go back on Friday morning, and get another scan. I will update you then!