Thursday, June 14, 2012

My little girl is becoming a little lady

I snapped these pics this week and she is turning into such a little lady!!!  I bought these little clips in her hair in all sorts of different colors because she is getting her hair in now, so its almost too much for the cute little headbands I have, but not enough to hold the big bows just yet- so these little alligator clips look so cute on her- but she also looks too grown up!!
I thought in the picture above that she looks like a little ballerina!!! LOL
Just a happy little girl!!!

Still waving bye bye!

I loooove this smile I caught in the above picture!!!

Because she is teething like a champ, she always has something in her mouth!!!  She still only has the two little front bottom teeth, but she is working on a whole bunch more for sure!!!
And this was one morning she had just woken up, but we were playing on the floor, and she just looked so sweet, I snapped some more of her sitting up so cute!!!

This is the smile I dreamed of when I was going through all those infertility treatments, and the Lord has been so kind and blessed me with the angel baby of my dreams!!! We are so grateful!!!