Wednesday, July 21, 2010

We are moving right along!!!

As promised, here are a few pictures of our time with friends at a junior league baseball game. As I said in my last post, this was were Sweetness proposed to me in front of all our friends on July 26th , 2 years ago!!! I will never forget it!

Of course here is my Sweetness, looking well......sweet!

And when we arrived, it was raining of course. Then after a bit, the heavens cleared and this beautiful rainbow appeared from the Lord!!! Just beautiful!!

Here is a funny shot of our Sunday School teacher Frank and his awesome wife Katie! They are truly some of the most kind people you could ever want to meet, and Frank is the one who helped lead my Sweetness to salvation in Christ! A dear friend indeed!

The game was help at War Memorial Stadium, which I heard was built back at the end of WWII. We had an awesome time of fellowship, eating BBQ and baked beans. It was really fun once the rain stopped! Ha!

And onto the excitement at hand...... an update on IVF--
I had blood drawn at the clinic, and my estrogen and progesterone levels were perfect! So everyone is happy and we are to continue with the BCPs until 7/23, when I begin the Lupron injections! I received all the medications in the mail and boy am I loaded up on the injectibles!!! But we are getting very excited and trying to cut out the caffeine (per my RE) apparently it plays a role in fertility. But we are getting so excited!!
Thank you all for the sweet notes and facebook messages! It really means a lot to know we have so many praying for us. Next Thursday 7/29 is the Baseline Day and when this cycle will kick into full gear! I will keep you all updated! xoxo