Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Lord really came through for me today!!!

Well today we ran into a snafu, and boy did my God come through in a way I never imagined possible!! Let me explain....

So I started last Friday, July 9th, and the whole period was SUPER light, almost like the last day of a normal period. And it also only lasted 3 days!!! So I expressed my concern to my IVF nurse, and she told me yesterday that she would ask Dr. O and see what he felt was the thing to do. After all I said I did not want to waste my time and money, let alone kill my babies unnecessarily if my lining was not perfect!

Well she called today and said Dr O wanted an ultrasound and blood work. I immediately began to panic, 1- because I was so afraid of the doctor cancelling the cycle and we go back into the waiting game AGAIN!!! and 2- because we really can not afford $220 for an US and then $145 for the blood work, we are seriously stretching ourselves to the max to pay this $20,000 for the two rounds of IVF if ya know what I mean?

Well fast forward to I arrive at the clinic, and have the US, and Dr. O says everything looked perfect. He said he has no idea why my period was so weird, but nevertheless, we will stay on course!!! YEAHHHHH #1!! Thank you Jesus!

Then as they were taking my blood, the lady that was taking was the one who intercepted the package of my donated medication a month ago, and I mentioned to her that I still have to order some more Gonal-F, as I was only donated enough for 6 days. And she said she had a 450 unit cartridge of Gonal-F that she would give me, and that covers 2 more days of stimulation!!! YEAHHHHHHHH #2!! How awesome!!??!!

Then as I was getting ready to pay, the secretary tells me that Dr. O has decided not to charge me for the US!!! Are you kidding me??? Well Hallelujah!!! YEAHHHHH #3 !!!!! I mean could the Lord have answered my prayers anymore???? So all I paid for was the blood work.

So now we are back to normal, and all systems are a go!!! I begin my Lupron on July 23rd, and then we will really be cooking!!! Thank you for all the prayers, support and calls, you girls are amazing!!!

PS- Oh and tomorrow is my 1 year Blogaversary!!! I have been blogging for one year and I LOVE IT STILL!!! I will have to come up with something witty to post HaHa!!!!