Thursday, May 3, 2012

Chloe's first babysitter....and Mommy & Daddy's first night out!

This past Saturday evening, Sweetness and I left baby Chloe with her first babysitter that was not grandma.  We had tickets to the Virginia Arts Festival International Tattoo 2012.  We never go to shows or concerts, but  this is an amazing show with over 500 participants of the different branches of the military from many different countries showing off their amazing skills and talents as they celebrate the arts and America.
I was desperate for a sitter because the one we had lined up had to cancel so our sweet friends Rose and roger offered to watch our little angel. 

 Rose and Roger were the people that actually set me and Sweetness up on our first date. They still live in the apartment complex we lived in when Sweetness and I met.  Those of you who don't know our story, we met at the apartment complex we both lived in, and we both knew Rose and Roger and they were fielding our questions about one another until we finally had the nerve to talk to each other ourselves.
Neways, as soon as we got there, Chloe took right to Rose and as you can see was just chilling in her lap before we left and just as happy as she can be.
 She did wonderful while there the whole evening.  She went to sleep about 7:30pm and was still sleeping when we got there at 10:30 pm to get her.  They just loved having her there and they are such wonderful friends- they will certainly be watching her again!!!  And here is good ole Bear their "baby".  He is the best dog ever- and more spoiled than Chloe!!! He thinks he is a Chihuahua, but he weighs like 150 lbs!!!  But man what a sweetheart- he was checking Chloe out big time when we were there- having to sniff everything- then he kind of acted very protective of her- he slept right under the bed where she was sleeping all evening Rose said!!  thanks again guys!!!  We appreciate you loving her so much!!
 Now onto the show...... What an amazing display of patriotism and talent!!!  And I just kept thinking what a logistical nightmare!!  Trying to get all these people to be on their mark and go to the right spot and play the right note every time.....ugh  glad it wasn't my job, I just got to sit and watch!!!
Please pardon the quality of these pictures, they were all taken from my cell phone camera and emailed to myself so they are not clear, but some of this stuff was so amazing that I just had to capture it!!! Above is the first number where all the countries bands and singers were together.  Below is the lovely dancers from many countries dancing together- this was phenomenal!!!
Near the middle of the 2 hour show, the Julianna Bicycle team from Holland came out and boy did they wow us!  Some of these tricks were do dangerous and all the while they were pedaling and on bikes!!!  I couldnt catch everything they did, but it was ahhhmazing!!!!!

These are different heights of unicycles above, and each person got on their unicycle with help and the pedaled out to meet the line and grabbed hands.  I could not believe my eyes when the last person was pedaling on a unicycle that was at least y 25 feet tall!!!
Amazing group if 150 Irish Dancers.  This group of girls ranges in age from 2 years old to 21 years old.  They all had tons of curls piled on their head, that must be a characteristic part of an irishdancer's look.
And below is the finale where the over 200 bagpipers were playing Amazing Grace!  Man was it an amazing thing to hear live!!!  So so wonderful!!
And when we got there, we were seated in the VIP section in the FRONT row!!!  We had amazing tickets- and when we bought them a couple months ago we had no idea that we bought these amazing seats, and the clerk didn't tell us either- but we were so excited to sit in the front row, and the picture below illustrates to you how close we actually were to the players.  Just awesome.
I highly recommend this show if anything like it comes to your area, or those here in Hampton Roads, go see it next year when it comes again!!!  So worth every penny!!!