Monday, June 28, 2010


Hey ya'll!!! Well in the adventures that are our life, we have had one thing after another.

1. Our AC broke, only a mere $700 to fix it!
2. Huge falling out with my best friend!
3. and now we have Sweetness being diagnosed with Shingles today!

So of course AF was supposed to show up last Friday, and in true fashion because I actually WANT her to show, she wont. So I am waiting on it, and then I will begin the BCPs!!

So, I have called the clinic and they said shingles on hubby should not be a problem, as long as I dont get it. So Sweetness being the precious one he is, has set up his bedroom in the guest bedroom until he is no longer contagious. But we must endure I do not get this!!!

And one more thing, I have an appointment with Maternal Fetal medicine on Thursday. Reason is, I have a serious neck injury to my occipital nerve, (from a roller coaster in case you are wondering) for which I just recently began taking morphine extended release. It has been a god-send. I actually have gotten my life back-and I mean literally! Anyone close to me knows how much I have truly suffered, and I am a new woman. I did not realize just HOW MUCH pain I was in.

Well my new RE is all nervous-nelly about me taking it, when my pain doctor said it was absolutely fine. Believe me, I do not want to take medicine, but I am in a serious situation. So my RE is sending me to the MFM guys to evaluate the situation. I will have a better idea on Thursday, and will let you know.

It feels exciting to know we are on our way now, come on AF, lets get 'er done!!!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

The plan....

Hey guys!!! It seems most of the invited people have let me know one way or another that they are now on the blog with us, now that we are private!!!

So just wanted to give an update on where we are....... I am due to start my cycle any day now. The day I begin, we start Birth control pills (BCPs) and we are on those for 8 days, and then I begin Lupron injections. Lupron will function to basically put my ovaries into menopause, meaning they do not want my ovaries active AT ALL, then I will start injecting the stimming medications to mature many eggs at one time all at the same stage of development for harvesting. We are looking at being done with this cycle (and will know whether we are pregnant) by the end of July or early August!!!

We are so excited. I am trying to clean out everything and tackle some of the jobs on my list.

I am very stressed at work, and it is not good. I have caught some of the higher ups in lies and it is just not a good situation. I am trying really hard to be thankful I have a job in this down economy, but it is real tough some days. I do not need to be stressed at all during this stage, I don't want to waste $20 000!!!

Thank you for all coming along this journey with me!!! We will have an amazing ending!!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

We are private!!!

Hey everyone!!! So we are now officially private!! I will post more later, and I have some cool pictures to share. But for now, please leave a comment and let me know you have found us again, and everything went okay with the inviting process!!!

Talk again later!!! And thanks for following me on this journey!!!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Going Private......

UPDATE: Wow, I did not know I had so many people reading this blog!! I have gotten almost 40 emails to send an invite to them to keep reading! So that is great! Sometime at the beginning of the week I will post some directions on how to read once we go private, and then I will be sending the email! We are having a glorious weekend, and we will talk next week!!!

Hey ya'll!!! Hope you guys are having a great Monday!!!

Due to some reasons I will not elaborate on here, I have made the decision to take my blog private. So basically only invited readers can access it. In many ways I hate to do this, but in other ways, I need to.

So what I am asking is, if you read my blog, or care to continue reading as we move through our journey, please send me an email to I will have this up for one week, and then I will go private the beginning of next week. If I do not know you IRL, its still okay to ask, and I am pretty aware of who my blogger friends are. And I am so thankful for all of you that I have met through this blog, that have prayed for me and helped me through this.

Thanks to all of you, and we are super excited to begin our cycle in 2 short weeks!!! Hopefully we will be pregnant by the end of July!!!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Another birthday for my Sweetness

Well I think I am long overdue for a picture post!!! And no other perfect opportunity than the celebration of my Sweetness' birthday!!! So without further ado, here at some precious memories of this evening!!
We had an appointment at the RE, which I will elaborate on more below, and then we met some great family and friends at Sweetness' favorite restaurant called and Schmick.s. It is a real fancy seafood restaurant here in the awesome new town center. So we opened a few presents first before the food arrived.
My parents gave him a tropical shirt and some great khaki shorts that he has been wanting. Here is he showing off his shirt.
And as all my frequenters of this blog know, my babe LOVES Sno.opy! Last year his cake was, but I found some really great things at Hallmark. They are having a 50th anniversary celebrating Pean.uts so it makes some good shopping for him. Anyways, I gave him a cute stuffed animal and a cute figurine by a motorcycle, which HE LOVED!!!
And as I was trying to get out of him what he wanted for his birthday, the only thing he would tell me was a "real cool bamb.oo arrangement" to put in his office at work. Well I was able to find this one and I thought it was really nice to look at. Again He. Loved. It.!!!

And we capped it off with a wonderful carrot cake that the waiter put a nice candle on for him to make a wish!! (I think I know what that wish might have been...**wink wink***)

And another!!!

I just noticed we did not take any pictures of the people with us!!! Sorry guys, but we were so glad you were there to make it all the more fun!!!
I can not tell you how BLESSED I am to be married to this man. He truly is the most precious, kind, godly and all around amazing man I have ever been around. The Lord surely knew what I needed, and He fashioned him especially for me!!! I love you so much Sweetness and I pray the Lord gives us many many more years to celebrate life together! You make this journey so worth it!!!
Just quickly, we did have our IVF counseling appt today as I said , before we went to celebrate. Everything went well, we are now just waiting on my cycle to begin on June 25th or there about, and then we start BCPs and Lupron, and then we proceed from there!! I will be sure to keep you all updated as we inch ever so closer!

Until next time........

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

In the meantime....

Well I feel like we have been waiting forever to start our next IVF..... and finally tomorrow, we will have our first IVF consult at our new RE. WE are very excited, just nervous about handing them a check for $20,000!!! But we need to have a plan and tomorrow we will get it all laid out for us.

Also tomorrow is my Sweetness' birthday!!! So after our appointment we are heading over to his favorite seafood restaurant called McCormick's and Schmicks. We only go there on a big occasion, because it is quite pricey, but it should be great fun!!!

Then on Friday night we are going on a cruise we won, a evening dinner cruise on the Spirit of Norfolk to again celebrate his birthday. And thennnnnnnn, Saturday we are driving up to Washington DC to meet up with a old college friend of mine and hang out and tour museums and such. So we have an incredibly packed week ahead of us!!! I will be sure to post pics of our fun week, I know I have been slacking on the pics lately!

Thanks for all the prayers and messages, I know we will be pregnant by August with God's help!!! We can feel it!!!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Progress Report

Hey ladies...... I am sitting here at work, about to fall asleep. I have so needed this long weekend we just had, but boy do I need a day to recuperate. I am so tired, and I have to teach another class in just 2 short hours!!!

But Sweetness and I were just thinking how wonderful our life is right now. I mean everything is pretty much perfect! We have a beautiful home, beautiful yard, two great dogs, an INCREDIBLE marriage, 2 good paying jobs, and money in the bank! The only thing we don't have is a baby- but we now have that so close on the horizon that we are really pumped about it!!!

So when my cycle begins on or around June 25th, then I will be doing the birth control pills for about 15 days, and then start stimming. SO after the whole cycle is done, we should be having a beta test at the end of July or early August. I am sooooooo sooooooo hoping we finally are able to get pregnant!!! I cant even imagine the joy after all this time, waiting, money and tears!!

I really dont have too much to say, we are kind of boring people but I just wanted to update you guys and let you know I did not fall off the face of the Earth. Sometime this week I am going to try to upload several of the pictures I have taken over the last couple months. I am so bad about uploading them, it takes blog.ger so long to do it and I get frustrated!!!

Thank you all for the sweet emails, they mean a lot to us!!!

Talk again soon!!!