Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Some fun shots from this past week!

Baby girl is getting so fun and full of herself!
 Grandma came over Friday night and we went out to dinner!  She is so busy now, and active that she will not sit in her carrier while we eat anymore, so we have to occupy her the whole time.
 But everybody just gravitates to her and her infectious smile, even strangers are talking to her wherever we go!
 She can sit up really well now, but she still has not even begun to crawl yet, that is until this morning she actually pulled her legs up under her and got on her knees!!!  So it wont be long.....  She loves to stand like this all the time, and I was reading the baby book about what to expect over the first year and they say some babies can skip crawling all together. I had no idea!!!
 Maybe thats what she will do, who knows~ but she has certainly mastered sitting in a very short time!!  This picture that I captured below has got to be one of my new all time favorites of her!!!  Man is she one beautiful baby girl!!!
So cute story ahead...... My step dad went to 7-11 one day and he found a day old kitten screaming and screaming, he waited for over an hour but the mother NEVER came.  We assume she abandoned the baby.  It was pouring down rain and he wasnt leaving the baby out there to die, so he scooped her up and went to Wal Mart and got bottles and kitten formula and much to my mother's shagrin brought her home!!!
Well that was 3 weeks ago, and the baby kitty is doing well, everybody in the family is taking turns feeding her, but she got a bit constipated and so I had to take her to the vet earlier that day. 
So after dinner, we came home and put Chloe in her PJs and decided to show her the baby kitty.....
 Here is my mom holding Chloe and showing her the baby.  She loved the baby!!!  And she wanted to get her hands on that baby kitty as you can see from the pictures.  But it was a really sweet moment!!!

 Then on Saturday, Daddy happened to put on his beloved Clemson Tigers t-shirt, so I thought I would put Chloe in her matching "Clemson Cutie" skirted onesie!!!!  Man they looked so cute together!!!  Daddy is sooooo ready for football season to start- shoot- Mommy is too!!!  We are a football loving family and anything that has to do with Clemson or Alabama- we are so there!!!
 This pic below is one of my faves of the 2 loves of my life!!! I am going to have it printed and put in the frame I gave him for Father's Day!
 And below are just some shots I took a couple days ago of my girl in Daddy's favorite aqua color!!

 She is making some of the funniest expressions lately!!! 
 And this is one of them.  I was happy I actually caught it!!  She looks like she is saying "Oooo I'm gonna get you momma!"  LOL
I hope everyone has a really great weekend coming up and an amazing 4th of July!!!  Sean's Aunt Joan and Uncle Bob are coming down to spend it with us!!!  I am so happy!!!  They are like my in-laws because Sean's parents are both deceased (I never got to meet them, although I would have loved to).  So they stood in for his parents at our wedding and they love us so much!!!  I can not wait for them to meet Chloe and take them around our area!!!  There will fo' sure be pictures!!!
Peace and Love Ya'll!!!