Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Appt with Dr. O

Well today was our "what the...?" appointment. Sweetness and I sat in his VERY hot office, anxiously anticipating what he might say. Will he have good news? bad news? or still something in between as fall into the "I have no idea why you are not pregnant" yet.

Well we actually got some of all three. We looked back at our last cycle and the great part is, my embryos are PERFECT, no fragmenting, all 8 cells, just PERFECT!! The not so good is that my lining seems to want to give us trouble (hence me having a period in the middle of the last IVF cycle). And then everything else was in the "unexplained infertility" category. He feels very positive that we will get pregnant. But due to the period I had in the middle of last cycle, he is going to suppress my ovaries for a longer period of time for this upcoming cryo cycle than usual.

After this appointment, Sweetness and I went to the glitzy mall in that area of town, and walked together and shopped some. I thought then and there- "I really have an incredible life." No one has as wonderful of a husband as i do, no one has the mother I have, I mean I have SOOOO much to be thankful for!! SO it was a nice evening.

Sooooo the plan is whenever I start AF in early October, I will begin BCPs followed by Lupron etc, and looking to have a cryo transfer on Nov, 5-18 some where in there. I was shocked that it will still take so long, but I am working on getting healthier and praying with all our heart that this will work.

We also discussed the fact that if this cryo does not work, and we move onto another fresh cycle, we may use an antagonist protocol with Lupron and will try to do a Day 5 blastocyst transfer. We have a plan at least, boy it just seems to be a long way off yet!

The Lord has really given me a sense of peace about all this. My heart still aches when the pregnancy announcements come in our circle of friends (there were 2 this past week....seriously), but I still feel that the Lord will not leave us in this pain. He will bless us one way or another.

I have gotten so much better emotionally, that I am going over to my good friend Robin's house on Friday to see her newborn Brehana. It has been so painful to watch her and her husband get married after us and have this precious miracle, I think partly because we were so close, it hurt more. But I am so happy for them, and that baby is precious. Hopefully I will hold her without breaking down, and will take some pictures to show you here (if her mama says it OK) he he.

Thanks again for all the support offered here, I know many of you are still waiting as are we. See the beauty in everyday life, and some of the pain will ease. He sees our every tear.