Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Alabama!!! Roll Tide Rol!!!!

Well hey ya'll!!! I am finally getting around to posting something fun and with pictures too!! :)
So last Saturday we went to Durham, NC to the Alabama vs Duke game. We drove down to my grandmother's first because she lives about 30 mins from the stadium. We visited with her and took some pictures in front of her house!
Here is the love of my life- better known as Sweetness, wearing his crimson color just for me!
Then here we are....

And again.....
and again.......
I just LOOOVE this picture! It has been such a long time since I feel like we took a really great picture! (the "A" on my cheek was drawn by my Mom, she used lip liner and it looks perfect!)
And a kiss for the road! We were then off to the stadium! WOOOO HOOOOO!!!

So we got to Durham, and boy was it smoking hot! I mean we had no idea it was going to be in the 90s! The weather man said 79. Well it got so hot, as we baked out there in the stands like pieces of meat, that we both had to go to the medical tent for awhile and cool off in the AC. We are both burnt up and have some beautiful burn lines:)))
Hence that is why in this picture, my crimson sweater is gone and we are in self preservation mode with the heat!

Duke's stadium is not all that big. But there was a sold out crowd of 39, 042 people in that stadium. Here's right when they were finishing up practice.
And the good ole' blimp was overhead taking some cool aerial shots for ABC.

Then it was finally game time, and Duke's band came out as they football players ran through them.

And there's my boys in crimson and white!!! I did even see Nick Saban pacing the sidelines like he does the whole game!

This is one side of the stadium during the game......

And here is the other side from where we were sitting!
To be honest, this game was not very good. It was such a blowout that it was hard to stay interested. The final score was 62-6 and I mean Alabama KILLED those blue devils!
So we decided to leave before the game had completed, because we had to walk oh....let's say about 3 miles back to the car, we were spent!
And you see ALLL SORTS OF PEOPLE when in large crowds. What was she thinking? Channeling tinkerbell maybe? LOL
And then you see this..... such a precious little one all decked out in Alabama cheer leading attire. She had the cutest houndstooth hair bows in her hair too!

And that's all folks!!! We had such a good time seeing my team!!! Next up, of course we must go see Sweetness' team in October, right back there in Durham (Chapel Hill).
Thanks for all my friends IRL and here in blogger. Your comments, emails etc mean a lot! And tonight is our very first meeting about adoption! I will give you all the details soon!!