Monday, June 18, 2012

36 weeks old and Father's Day!!!!

What an awesome weekend we had!!!!  Baby girl turned 36 weeks old Sunday and of course that coincided with Sweetness' First Father's Day!!!  I gave him a personalized frame that says "First Father's Day- 2012" and some of those decals that show your family members that you put on the back of your car.
 She is of course always just so happy and loves the camera now- I think I have taken enough pictures and trained her right!!!
 I love this one- her expression and then her hand's gesture like she is saying "You know I'm cute!!!"   LOL
 She looks like she is pouting, but I just caught her with a serious look!!
 Here she is telling me to get on with showing the pictures of her and her Daddy on Father's Day!!!
 "Yeah!!!!  It's Father's Day and I love my Daddy!!!"
 I just could not pick which one I liked best of my two loves!!
 This is a Daddy's Girl FOR SURE- and I love it!!! 

Since I never had a Dad growing up, and my real father leaves everything to be desired, I am so happy that my daughter does not have to grow up like I did, wanting the love of a man (a daddy) to validate her.  It caused me so many emotional issues, some of which I am still working out- largely thanks to the love of my husband, and the Lord.  But Chloe will never know this pain and burden of feeling like everybody has a Daddy but her.
My Sweetness is the most amazing man.  The best husband anyone could ever ask for, and he dots on this baby girl so much she prefers him over me when she is crying and upset.
Chloe and me are so blessed to have him in our lives, and we cherish his love every single day!!

Happy Father's Day my sweet- you are the one my soul was born to love...