Wednesday, January 4, 2012

11 weeks old....

Well my little superstar, this week you turned a whole 11 weeks old!! You are so dag on cute, it hurts me some days!! I love to try you in some of your new outfits to take you pictures in, you have 2 closets full, and some of them LOOK comfortable but when I put them on not so much. this out fit would be a case in point. Its all riding up around your neck and it drove me crazy but Mommy sure does love all the bright colors and you do too.

This week you have learned how to reach out and touch some one's face while they talk to you!!!! You also held a rattle for the first time and it was so cute to see you shake it and get so excited and scared at the same time!!! Your expressions are so cute!Mommy and Daddy are working on taking down all the Christmas decorations around the house now. We also are starting to play more on the floor with you on your activity mat and some of the toys you have received. Grandma bought you a super cute rolley V-Tec.h ball that lights up and talks for Christmas and you are mesmerized by that thing!! Your face is priceless when watching you play with it!!!

And lastly as we begin to set new routines for going to bed, we have begun to read her a book each night!!! She really enjoys this part with us!!!! Some of these children's books that we have been given as gifts to read to her are sooooo precious!!!!! They are so tender and so sweet, its neat for even me to get to read some of them for the first time :)

I love you pumpkin doodle...... The past 11 weeks have been pure bliss for me...... :)
I love you to the moon and back (from one of our new books :) )