Monday, November 15, 2010

I am still here....and full of hormones!

Hey ladies! I know it has been awhile since I last posted. I am currently right in the middle of my FET. The goal is to receive our 3 precious frozen embryos THIS Friday!!!! We are real excited! I tell you tough I have been feeling quite yuck through out this cycle. I mean the hormones from the patches are making me super cranky and all over not feeling well.

So Sweetness and I are headed to the doctor this afternoon to sign all the consents for thawing and all that good stuff. They will look at my lining and take blood. Please pray everything is right on track and that this cycle- the 4th time we have done IVF would result in our miracle! I am so tired really, I told Sweetness this weekend that I am just not sure I can do this anymore- I mean it is SO HARD on your body. And lately I have been worrying that all this hormone replacement through IVF over and over could lead to me getting breast or ovarian cancer in the future..... *Sigh**

But everything else is going great!! This past weekend we traveled to Maryland where Sweetness grew up, for his best friend's 40th Birthday party. It was really fun and he was totally surprised, but man 5 hours there and 5 hours back was just a loooonnnngggg weekend, and now here I sit at work on Monday at 7am- and I am wiped out!!!

But I am just focusing on this week- on Friday- and praying that all 3 babies survive the thawing process and that by December we can celebrate a new chapter in our lives! Thank you to all my sweet girlfriends who have encouraged, prayed and lifted me and Sweetness up in this very hard period as we wait on the Lord!