Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Offically approved to adopt and notarized contracts

So yesterday we had our psych eval for surrogacy. That was really not what I expected, but nonetheless a necessary step in all of this. It went great and she is going to write it up and send it to my clinic. Also yesterday evening our social worker came over for the home visit- and it went very good. She said everything was perfect and she has to do is write up the official home study and send us a final copy. We are so happy to have this done and finally behind us! So now after the surrogate gives birth to our children we can legally adopt them within a few weeks and we are good to go! And today the surrogate and her hubby are getting the contracts notarized! We are getting so close. Now the only hang up is our embryos. It was decided last evening that we will in fact be using the embryos from South Carolina. A wonderful couple is donating her 4 remaining embies to us. She has done SO much leg work today and getting all the coordinating documents done etc. to get them shipped here. So it really does look like we will be able to get this done in May and I am sooooo excited!! Thank you all for the fund raising ideas you have sent me, and most of all the amazing prayers of my true friends. I am so grateful and so hopeful today!!! Ill be in touch soon!