Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!

So Miss Priss was a bit moody this Valentine's Day morning!!! She was not wanting to give Momma her pretty smiles so easily as usual. But she was doing some funny poses as you will see below!!!!

In looks like she went something like this.....

"Okay Momma, you just want ONE pretty smile?"

Me: "No baby,Can I have two pretty pictures of you in your pretty new dress?"

Chloe: "You want TWO Smiles??"
Chloe: "Awwww okay Momma, I'm just kidding with you...... Heee heeee"

Man I love this girl!!!!!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!! I will do post tomorrow on the Valentine's Gift I MADE Sweetness this year. Yes I said MADE it!!!! I got the idea off of Pinter.est and it turned out soooo cute.

Until then, hug the ones you love today and be loved!!!!