Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Finally got the Codes!

So I have told you that our surrogate has a blood issue that needs special testing before we can transfer these embryos into her uterus. If everything is not just right- she could attack the babies in utero causing major damage to her and the babies. So believe me, we have consulting with maternal/fetal medicine guys and countless doctors and labs trying to get the right test codes to get these tests ordered. Th e bio parents of the embryos are being wonderful!!! She and I talk daily and I am sooooo blessed to have a woman like this in my life who not only is donating her precious embryos to us to raise but is going out of her way to do this blood testing to help us be successful in this surrogacy!!! I am so thankful to you J!!! So the nurse from her clinic called me today and we discussed all the testing and FINALLY were able to get the correct codes in order to get her and her hubby tested!!!! This may not seem like a big deal to any of you reading this but let me tell you, it is HUGE HURDLE!!!! I am not even entertaining the idea that any of this blood work will come back any thing less than perfect. God is in control of all of this and has orchestrated it all, and He is not worried, so neither am I. And finally tonight is our monthly RESOLVE meeting- for infertile women. I am so excited to see them again- I truly miss them when we don't get together for awhile! Tonight we have a speaker, who is a woman's counselor on infertility and woman's issues. She is actually the same lady that did me and Sweetness' psych eval last week! So funny! Thanks for all the prayers and things are coming together!! PS- Tammy - I am praying for you sweetie- Friday is going to be the start of a wonderful pregnancy!!! Love you!