Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thursday's Doctor's appointment

Okay so L went to her Doctor appt this afternoon, and I was so hoping this was going to be the one where he said let's do it!!! But it was meant not to be!

He said she is apparently not dilated at all. But Chloe is head down, and she is not effaced at all. L has continued to loose weight, and I did not get an update on the gall-bladder scan that was done on Monday. So she goes back on Tuesday, if she does not deliver between now and then, on Tuesday he will make the decision as to when he will induce her!!! FINALLY!!! Although I do not want her to have to go through an induction and the strenuousness of the pitocin contractions, I want Chloe to come out of there now!!!

That's all I have to report now, and I will report more when I know more, you know I will. I can feel all my prayer warriors praying for us from all around us all the time, and we so appreciate it!!!

Blessings to you all,