Saturday, August 14, 2010

The harvest is complete

Hey gals! Well I am home now and think I have slept off most of the anesthesia. The egg retrieval went very well. Everyone was so nice and kind, really took excellent care of me!

So the result is a bit different than what I expected. They were able to get 8 eggs. I am really looking at this as a blessing, because we were so torn as to how many to have them fertilize if we got tons of eggs like we thought we were going to, based on the follicle scans. But the doctor said that not all the follicles had an egg in it, and this is normal!

So we are very thankful that the Lord really took care of this for us, and that hopefully all 8 will make it to fertilization and become embryos. Tomorrow morning between 8-10 am, they will call with the exciting "fertilization report." We are just trusting the Lord and hoping everything goes according to HIS plan.

It looks as if right now the transfer will be Tuesday afternoon at 1:30pm, and thankfully I am off the rest of the week to lay down and snuggle in with my babies! And I am so thankful to be here at this point. And of course I am cautious, because we all know the pain too well of a BFN, I am trying to be hopeful and send HAPPY VIBES to my uterus :)

I will post tomorrow what we find out about our precious babies that were conceived today!!! That just gives me the chills!