Friday, May 11, 2012

Chloe's trip to the eye doctor!!!!

Baby Girl went to the Pediatric Opthamologist last week for the first time.  She went not because I thought she had any eyesight issues but because she has been diagnosed with NF-1 and these patients often get optic nerve gliomas.  He saw NO evidence of disease !!!!  That is a huge praise report!!!
 So we have a great baseline picture of her eyes, and we just check her once a year and pray she stays as perfect as she is right now!!!
  So we are keeping up with all the things we need to to get a good baseline of all her systems, should God forbid she begin to show manifestations of her disease at any point.

But we are praising the Lord that she is healthy and happy and we can live with that any day!!!

This is finals day for me and my students are all stressed.  I remember finals week when I was in college and it was not fun- but the best part of it was taking those greuling tests and then going back to the dorm and feeling like I had really accomplished (and learned) something.  That was the best feeling to me.  So I am about to head home now from work and get my baby girl and go do some shopping and realize that I really did accomplish something this semester- I taught to the best of my ability and I gave it my all each and every day in front of my students......and that's all I can do!!!
And then snuggle with Sweetness a bit tonight and then wake up and get ready to do it all again!!!  Should be a wonderful weekend----Its my first Mother's Day as a mommy----I  can't hardly wait!!!  Finally I get to celebrate it and not have it break my heart and Praise the Lord for my baby girl!!

Next Nana's 86th BDay party last Sunday!