Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I am pregnant (until proven otherwise!)

So we get to the clinic at 7:30 am, and because I was so ill last night, they started an IV right away and gave me another dose of Zof.ran. It really helped with the nausea. Below is a picture of my favorite nurse Beth, and she was so wonderful getting the IV started. No one can ever get one in less than 4 sticks in the BEST of circumstances, but let alone when I am dehydrated! She was able to do it in three!! Yeah Beth!!! Just LOVE LOVE LOVE her!!!

The they did an US to see why I was in so much pain for the past two days. I had a large amount of fluid behind my uterus (which they said is very normal), and my ovaries are still HUGE, like 7cm each!!! So nothing really wrong just normal stuff, so we decided to proceed today with a 3 day transfer!

Finally at 11:15 am they took us upstairs to the OR suite to get ready. They delivered a "bunny suit" as they called it, for my Sweetness to put on. Here he is modeling it below......he is a bit too tall for that thing!!!
Then a picture of the two of us for posterity sake, just before we got our babies put in!!!

Then, always being the entertainer and comedian to distract me, Sweetness began to get antsy and was being silly!

And one of me in the lovely shower cap.......

And our comedian again....silly boy!!!

Then, we finally were wheeled into the OR. The embryos were already compacting, meaning they are moving on to the next stage of division. They were perfect!!! Grade 2 embies!!! They looked so great that the embryologist recommended only putting back 2, but we went ahead with 3. If we get triplets then c'est la vie!!! We will make it!!! So without further ado, here are my precious little ones.....
The transfer went SUPER SMOOTH!!! Nothing like our last fresh cycle transfer, which was awful. If you want to go back and re-read how bad that one was, it was blogged about here. This one lasted maybe 10 mins and was so special, I began to tear up!!!! The Lord was with us all the way!!!
I am in awe once again of the miracle of life! As I lay here, Sweetness is looking at me adoringly, "loving his pregnant wife". I mean there just ain't nothing better folks!
Thank you Lord Jesus for this incredible blessing! We beg and plead with you to allow us to be the the earthly parents of these miracles in my tummy! We are in awe of your creation! We will give you ALL the praise and honor no matter the outcome!!!
Will update in a few days. Until then I will lay here, and let them percolate!!! I am in fact PUPO (Pregnant until proven otherwise!!!!:))))