Friday, April 17, 2015

18 weeks!!!!

My goodness it has been one crazy week!!!  I started my new job last Monday, and then Sunday I left at the crack of dawn to fly to the home office for 4 days of training. Last night there were serious thunderstorms and my flights were all delayed as I tried to get home!!!!  

I was scheduled to arrive home so late I had made arrangements for Mom to pick me up at the airport so Sweetness could get Chloe to bed etc. well while I was sitting at the airport waiting to board my first flight I was chatting with my mom on the phone when someone rear ends her at a high rate of speed while she is sitting at a stop light.  I was helpless and could
not get to her!!  The rescue came and took her to the ER because her head and neck were really hurting.  Thankfully all checked out fine and she is just sore by it was pure torture to have to turn off my phone and could get no updates while
flying. Just felt helpless!!!

And everything was running so late I almost missed my connecting flight at the Charlotte airport. I was cramping bad in my lower pelvis and wasn't about to try to run, so I actually spoke up and they put me on one of those carts and I mean that lady was flying through there trying to get me to my gate. I don't think my gates could have been any further apart in that airport!!  It was over a mile walk for sure. I am so thankful for her and her understanding of my predicament and helped me make that flight!!!!!

So anyways, I was so happy to see my two luvs when I got home...... Chloe said she missed me and wanted me to come home with her!!  I told her I would be happy to!!!!

But as far as baby Jacob goes, I think he is doing pretty good in there. I am finally starting to show a baby bump and feel pregnant. I listened to his heartbeat today with my Doppler because I hadn't done so in about a week and it was a good 135+. Next Wednesday is our big detailed anatomy scan!!!!  I can hardly wait to see him for such a long sonogram.  My Mom, aunt, Chloe and of course Sweetness will all be there to see our sweet little man!!!

So finally here are some belly progression pics. I have been so hesitant to post them but I will do it here for documentation sake. I have decided to try to wear the same shirt each week so the progression is easier to see.  So without further ado......

So there you have them.  I don't see much difference from week to week but I am definitely feeling a ton of cramping and pulling and lots of pressure!!! 

I had the PICC line out and have been off the IV Zofran for about a week now and I think I really still need it but I am trying hard to soldier through and hoping all this horrible nausea ends very soon.  I was so sick while away for work, it was so embarrassing having to puke while with new Coworkers. But it is definitely better--no where near as much actual vomiting  but the nausea just won't let up so I have to eat constantly!! And I don't want to do that!!!  I'm not trying to blow up big as a house with this pregnancy.  

But that's about all for now. I will post again after our big anatomy scan next week!!!  We should have some awesome new pictures of our angel to show!!!  

Have a great week everyone!!!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

17 weeks!!!!!

Wow!!!  I can not believe we are already 17 weeks along!!! It really is flying by!!  

Today was a big day for me!!  I went to the hospital and had my PICC line removed!!!  I am so thrilled to be free from that thing, and more importantly be feeling well enough that I could be without it. So I am off all IV fluids, and I am off Zofran all together. I could still take it by mouth if needed and I am leaving that option open if I should need it but I feel like I am handling the nausea okay for now. Don't get me wrong I am definitely still VERY nauseated, but if I continuously try to keep something in my stomach it really helps take that feeling away.  And no vomiting in over 2 weeks!!! That my friends is heaven!!!  

So now I am turning the corner finally, starting to feel like a human being again and ready to really enjoy being pregnant and really starting to look like I have a bump now as well!!!!  

Also, on Monday of this week I started my new job. I am still doing pharmaceutical sales just with a much smaller Company than I was previously with. I was devastated to be laid off from my job last fall, but the Lord knew what He was doing, because had I been employed during this first trimester, there is NO way I would  have been able to work as sick as I was. Truly I would never have been able to. And then right when I started to feel better this opportunity came along, and I am thrilled to be with a small company that is very family-oriented and to be able to help financially provide for our growing family!!!!  

Sunday I fly out early in the morning to North Carolina to spend the week there at the home office with several other new reps doing more intensive training.  Then when I return, I get to get out there and make it happen!!!

I have not told them I am pregnant yet, but I plan to do that while face to face next week. I pray they receive it well, and I feel that they will bring as family minded as the upper management is and have expressed many times how much they want their employees to have a true work-life balance.  So please pray about that for me!!!

And Miss Chloe has had a great week. She is asking more and more about Jacob daily. How big is he?  Is he coming out your belly button? And other cute little innocent questions.  She even wanted to kiss my belly out of the blue one day while I was laying on the couch. It was so sweet and then she was off playing again!!!

Here is a little snap I took of her yesterday and she just looks so grown up to me!!! When I see pictures of her on my TimeHop app from just a year ago, I can hardly believe the transformation!!!  

Here she is a year ago this week.....

Her hair has grown so much and her face is loosing that baby look as she matures into a beautiful young lady.  

And look at this picture from 2 years ago this week.....!!!!!!!

Wanting to be so independent at 18 months old carrying her lunch box from school!!  I just loved this age!!!  

And then 3 years ago this week......

Amazing to see how she has grown, and become more and more beautiful when I didn't even think it could be possible!!!  I love this angel more than life itself and I have loved being her Mommy these last 3 1/2 years!!!! She has changed so much 
but she is still our sweet little miracle from the Lord that we prayed endlessly for and we will NEVER forget what a miracle she truly is!!!

Well that is all the update for today...... Next post I will show some weekly belly pics in progression.  I don't see much of a difference week to week but I will post them here just for documentation sake of how our sweet little boy is growing!!!

Thanks for coming on this journey with us !!!!

Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter Weekend 2015

This past weekend was such a beautiful  Easter weekend- start to finish!!!  The weather was perfect here in Virginia and our family was over, great message at church and I am feeling SOOOO much better now!!! Spring is in the air!!!!  

We started the weekend by taking Chloe to see the Easter Bunny at the mall. Nothing like the last minute right?!?!  But she was so happy to see him, and for the first time we got a picture where she wasn't screaming!!!  

She just looks so grown up!!!!  My baby is  growing to such a big girl as she says!  After that we had a nice evening with friends, playing with their children and  eating Easter eggs and candy!!!  What could be better!!?!?

The Easter bunny of course came to see my little angel and she was so thrilled with the little things she received in her basket!!!  Mostly books and some figurines of her all time favorite cartoon called "Paw Patrol"!!!  She is obsessed with that show and we finally were able to find some merchandise at Target of the characters and she could not have been more happy!!!

We then went to church with my Mom and it was such a wonderful message and time spent worshiping the Lord! After church we changed clothes and mom gave Chloe her Easter basket filled with goodies from her!!!  And you guessed it, more Paw Patrol things were to be had!!!  MiMi was the hero for sure!  Here is a picture of the two of them before she dug into that basket!!!

Then Daddy and Chloe went out to the backyard to play and Mom and I began tackling the painting of the nursery.  One wall (the accent wall) we are painting in the same stripped pattern that is on the nursery bedding. We already went to Home Depot and got the light blue, dark blue and olive green paint to do the stripes. But the measuring and taping off of the lines is what was brutal!!!!

We finally had to recruit Sweetness to come help as well, because it really was a 3 person job. Someone had to hold the laser exactly perfect while the other two guided the tape down the perfect line.  I can not tell you how painstakingly tedious this was....... And after about 4 hours of doing it, this is how far we got on the wall, about 1/2 way done taping, haven't even gotten to the fun painting part yet !!!

I know it looks crazy in this picture but it's really going to be beautiful when it's done. So we will continue to work on it little by little each night this week and  I will keep posting pics of our progress
The pattern that we are mimicking looks like this, and hopefully the wall will look something very close when we get done!!!

The stripes are the inside pattern on the bumper pads and the elephants are the crib sheet. So here is a sneek peak of his nursery theme!!  Lol. 

Anyway, things are coming right along on all fronts really. I'm starting to get really excited about Jacob's arrival now that I am feeling somewhat human again.  I am weaning myself off the Zof.ran pump starting today because I have been able to eat and drink most anything I want and no vomiting. Still have bad bouts of nausea but I am going to try to push through those, and hopefully get my PICC line removed by this Friday!!!  

And today I started my new job. I am still doing pharmaceutical sales just with a new company. The Lord is just so amazing in His perfect timing in all things!!  It was probably a good thing I didn't have a job during the first trimester as I wouldn't have been able to work with as sick as I was, and now that I am feeling better, I can get out there and make some money to buy my little miracle all the pretties I want him to have and help Sweetness with the bills!!! 

Today began 1 week of home study, and then I fly to the home office on Sunday for 4 days of training there.  And then I come home and hit the ground running.  I am very excited about this company and the growth potential they have expressed when hiring me. They are wanting me to move up and advance as they continue to expand and grow as well and I love that!!!

Well that's all the update for now!!  Easter is over and spring is officially here!!!  Yippeeeee!!!!  Have a blessed week everyone!!!

Friday, April 3, 2015

16 weeks and already contractions!

Wow!!!  I can hardly believe we are a full 16 weeks and 1 day along already!!!  It has been an exciting week this week. Baby Jacob has been keeping me on my toes!!

Yesterday I awoke with what felt like horrible menstrual cramps so of course I panicked.  No blood or anything but they continued to worsen so much throughout the day that I finally called the dr office.  They had me come right in and did an ultrasound and the fluid levels look
good and Jacob was swimming all around just fine. So they then hooked me up to a monitor and you could see all the contractions I was having!!! Yikes they really hurt. 

Doc did a pelvic exam and my cervix was tight and closed and no rupture of my membranes or anything so he felt confidant they were Braxton Hicks and not preterm labor. Thank goodness!!!

So now I can't lift anything and no exercising. I have been just chilling and taking it easy!!  

I am really starting to feel pregnant now.  My belly is popping out there and I am miserable trying to sleep. My hips ache so bad and my back kills me. So tonight Sweetness and I stopped at Babies R Us and I got this.....
This "Snoogle" pillow comes highly rated 
from my friends who have been pregnant. So I am anxious to get it out and curl up and see if it makes a difference!!!

Lots of friends have asked me to post belly pics, so I guess I will start doing that next week at 17 weeks. 

And last but not least, Sunday is EASTER and tomorrow we are going to take Chloe to her third EASTER egg hunt of the season!! We are meeting our sweet friends and their little girls there and it should be tons of fun!! I will pay some pictures of my sweet girl in her beautiful Easter dress and basket on Sunday morning!!!

Hope everyone has a glorious Easter holiday and thank you for your continued prayers for our miracle baby on this journey!!!!