Monday, September 10, 2012

48 weeks and Table Time!!!!

These last 2 weeks I have been so busy I havn't updated this blog like I used to and like I want to , but one thing I don't ever miss is her weekly picture!!!  She has changed so much and we are so mesmerized by her personality as it unfolds and we begin to see who Chloe really is......
 These pictures were taken of course yesterday on Sept. 9th, it was also grandparents day!!!  So we headed over to my parents and Chloe gave a card to my Mom for Grandparent's Day and it just made her sooo happy!!!  I have dreamed of moments like that for years and it was so nice to see them come true!!! We also gave my precious Nana a card, as she lives with my parents.  It as such a nice day celebrating the love of grandparents after having just said goodbye to my other grandmother last Thursday Night. 
 So we are in full swing preparing for our precious little girl's very first birthday party in 4 short weeks!!!  How is that possible?  I remember holding her for the first time, and here we are celebrating her 1 year of life!!!  I am excited to say that it looks like Chloe's birth mommy may come to her party!  I think that would just be wonderful.  She says her and her boyfriend are going to try to come down from Pennsylvania!!!
 Miss Priss is very close to walking now!!!  She stands up and holds on to everything and walks around things, so its only a matter of time before she lets go and takes those first steps!!!  That's when Mommy is really going to have to put on my roller skates to keep up with her!
 She is doing so well now at eating solids.  We have to cut them very very small because she still only has 4 teeth, but she is good at picking up small pieces and getting them in her mouth, and then of course rubbing it all in her hair!!!  But she loves the bath time after dinner every night so it's all a win win situation for her!!!
 I just adore her so much- I fall in love with her a little more every day......some days it makes me so nervous, so afraid something will happen to her-- I just can not imagine my life with out this angel.  But I know the Lord gave her to us, and she is His child, so I must trust Him, even when I want to worry.
 We went to the neurologist last Wednesday for her 10 month checkup, and she is progressing just fine.  No more cafe au lait spots on her skin and no gross motor delays which is sometimes found in children with NF-1.  But she was a slight bit concerned that Chloe does not have a large vocabulary, and was not babbling a lot while in the room with her, so she is has recommended a speech therapist evaluate her just to see where they think she is.  But I'm not totally sure she needs that- she babbles all the time with me, but I guess it can't hurt to have her checked out.  And we also are going to have her hearing tested once more just to be sure that's still okay as well, but I see no deficits with that either!

We also scheduled that dreaded first MRI of her whole body for Oct. 18th.  She will be sedated so that is what makes me so nervous, but our Children's Hospital is wonderful and I know they will take excellent care of her.  I will talk more about that later!

And below are some pictures from Chloe and her precious little friends at nursery school.  I happened to stop by last week at just the right time to catch "table time" when they all get a seat at this table and sing bible songs and learn their colors and numbers!!!  Oh my good gracious!!!!  This is got to be the sweetest thing ever!!!

And I don't know if this will work or not, but I also took a short little video of the singing!!!  It makes me soooo happy that my angel get all this reinforcement of Christ's love for her all day long!!!  Leave a comment and tell me what you think!!!  (No one ever comments anyone out there????)