Sunday, January 15, 2012

Reflux and other accomplishments this week!

Well this week we have had a lot of activity going on. First of all my baby girl is just getting cuter and cuter if that is even possible. I mean look at this picture..... Can she get any more beautiful??? This is up there with my top two FAVE PICS OF ALL TIME NOW. Sweet precious face.

All snuggled up and headed off to her sitters house, which I will be doing a post on soon. She just loves it there and we are so thankful for Ms. Sam!!!

It has been so cold here this week, and so rainy and my precious little one has been having a very tough time dealing with her reflux. She has been on Zan.tac since she was 4 wks old, and its only been getting worse. So then we moved to thickened feeds with rice cereal 3 weeks ago and that has helped some. But nights are the worst and she is just drowning in the reflux, and some of her crying fits are breaking my heart. So we are fighting my insurance company to get them to approve for her to have the new medicine her pediatrician prescribed called Preva.cid SoluTabs. But they are just idiots.

They just keep saying she has to take all these other meds before she can be approved for Prev.acid, when none of these are appropriate for her age, she cant take Proton.ix or Nex.ium!!! these people have no idea what infants can take and just make blanket decisions because they don't want to pay.

So I just said we were going to pay cash for them because I cant stand to see my baby crying like this. Anyone who has had reflux for just one night knows how bad that it hurts. So we called to get the price.....yes...wait for it.....$237.00 for 30 SoluTabs!!!! Seriously!!! So we purchased 15 to see if we see a big difference and that was Friday night. Hopefully after a week we will see her have some relief. But as of right now, Sunday night, not much difference.

So another milestone we have accomplished of late, is our big girl has fully transitioned in just 2 nights from her PackNPlay next to our bed to her beautiful crib in her Nursery. The Pics below were the first night we put her in her bed to sleep. We gave her a nice bath and put her a new fleece "sleep sack" since you are not suppose to have any blankets in the crib with her. I wanted to make sure she was warm, so I put a onesie and socks underneath her sleep sack.

To our amazement, she slept so well, and all night!!! She was not comfortable in that packNplay I don't believe. She was always squirming and looking like she was uncomfortable. So we are so happy she is comfortable and at peace in her pretty bed we spent so much time making for her. I just loved her smiles this night as we laid her down for her first night. **Sweet memories to treasure**

Then as I KEPT checking on her during the night, I took this picture.... this is what Sweetness and I call her "touchdown" pose. She does this all the time, even when she is awake, and since we are huge football fans, it really cracks us up!!

And one very minor but other accomplishment this week, was the first time she wore tennis shoes!! I LOVED Keds when I was a kid. And I could not wait to put those shoes with the little rubber bumper over the top on my baby. Well the time came this week. I bought her some tiny little Size 2 Keds from Stride Rite and she was not sure what to do with them. But since she can't stand yet, they felt heavy on her feet. I always love a nice pair of good ole white Keds!!!

Sorry about the blurry picture.... but you gt the idea!!! All in all a great week. She has changed my life and I am living it to the fullest!!! Until next time..... She will be 3 months old on the 16th!!! Sooooo hard to believe!!!!!

The big 3 month mark!!!!

I can't believe another whole entire month has gone by..... My baby girl has hit a milestone!!! Today she is THREE MONTHS OLD!!!! She has reached that 1/4 of a year mark where so many milestones are "supposed" to happen, and she has been doing most of them for a long time. **Makes Me happy Momma**

And I can't thank my friend Amy enough for sending me these amazing little onesies from an Etsy store, they all came together in a set with her h=name on them and each month there is new onesie to wear and/or get photographed in (that's why I use them for) and of course she matched the little birdies from her nursery on the onesies. So thanks again Amy, such a sweet gift. XOXOXO
So here is my baby girl last night, just lounging around after a lazy Sunday. She is still really suffering with the reflux, but we have a pediatrician appointment this afternoon at 4pm, hopefully we can get some more answers. I hate to see my baby crying and know she is so miserable. Sweetness is also going to raise one end of her crib up so she is sleeping at an angle like she was in her bassinet again. That has to help!!!

And this was hanging out with grandma the other night, just being super sweet.

and of course the smiles make it all worth it!!!!

Tomorrow will be a very special day (and post). It is my 3rd wedding Anniversary to my amazing husband!!!! I cant wait!!!

Happy 3 month Birthday Chloe Faith- you are one amazing little miracle!!!!