Sunday, January 15, 2012

The big 3 month mark!!!!

I can't believe another whole entire month has gone by..... My baby girl has hit a milestone!!! Today she is THREE MONTHS OLD!!!! She has reached that 1/4 of a year mark where so many milestones are "supposed" to happen, and she has been doing most of them for a long time. **Makes Me happy Momma**

And I can't thank my friend Amy enough for sending me these amazing little onesies from an Etsy store, they all came together in a set with her h=name on them and each month there is new onesie to wear and/or get photographed in (that's why I use them for) and of course she matched the little birdies from her nursery on the onesies. So thanks again Amy, such a sweet gift. XOXOXO
So here is my baby girl last night, just lounging around after a lazy Sunday. She is still really suffering with the reflux, but we have a pediatrician appointment this afternoon at 4pm, hopefully we can get some more answers. I hate to see my baby crying and know she is so miserable. Sweetness is also going to raise one end of her crib up so she is sleeping at an angle like she was in her bassinet again. That has to help!!!

And this was hanging out with grandma the other night, just being super sweet.

and of course the smiles make it all worth it!!!!

Tomorrow will be a very special day (and post). It is my 3rd wedding Anniversary to my amazing husband!!!! I cant wait!!!

Happy 3 month Birthday Chloe Faith- you are one amazing little miracle!!!!

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