Saturday, July 7, 2012

New friends and new surroundings

One of our very favorite things to do with Chloe at this age is to take her swinging in the park.  She LOVES swinging!!!  So a couple days ago me and one of my former students, Tonya and her baby girl Sarah went to the park with our girls and let them play together and of course swing!!
Here is Miss Sarah- such a cutie pie....
Chloe was so tired when we went she was about to fall asleep in this swing because she could lay back all the way  LOL- but it was so fun!!
Then after we left those swings, we took the girls to the park area and let them interact a bit more.  Since Sarah is already 1 she is cruising all around and walking circles around Chloe. 
Chloe was trying to figure out how to walk like her and wanted to move so badly, she got frustrated!!

So Daddy tried to help her by letting her simulate walking and she seemed much happier than sitting down watching Sarah get to run all around!

And here is beautiful Sarah again, acting a bit shy, leaning on Mommy's legs!
Daddy was also along and he was throwing Chloe high up in the air and she just loved it and giggled and squealed!  I love how this picture turned out!
Then we took the girls over to another area of the park- it is a HUGE play park, and let them swing on a different type of swing since that seemed to be what they liked the most!
It was so hot out- Chloe was getting cranky, and wanted to go into some AC....
but not Sarah- she was sweating like crazy, but she wanted to swing for hours!!! LOL
So after all the swinging- the girls were so cute as they said goodbye to each other in their own baby way :)

Chloe kept trying to put her thumb in Sarah's eye??? go figure....
But it was so fun to have her interact with another child again after being home all day with her sitter and not really having a chance to interact with other kids, I think these outings are crucial for her social development.

Speaking of having her interact with more kids..... she will be getting PLENTY of it really soon.  Last Monday my sitter gave her 2 weeks notice, she is moving in with her son in NC so she wil be leaving us.  Remember she comes to our home to watch Chloe so Chloe has been having a lot of one one one attention for the past 2 months since she has been our sitter.

Well the past week since she told me I have been begging the Lord to open a door to a new place I felt comfortable leaving my girl..... She is so precious to me and I will not be leaving her just anywhere that is cheap or convenient to our house, it has to be the RIGHT place.

Well just 3 weeks ago I called the church day school I really want to put her in and she has been on their waiting list since April for a spot in their nursery, and they said they did not have anything and they thought it would be more like October or even November before a spot would open!!!  I was very discouraged.  So fast forward to today- Sweetness and I were just about to go looking at some DayCare centers and I looked at my phone and I had a message from the head of the church day school!!!

In God's divine providence, they have a baby that is moving unexpectedly and Chloe was next on the waiting list!!!!  I literally had tears in  my eyes as I told her how I have begged God as I lay awake at night to open a door like this!!!  She reassured me that He knows all our needs and He has been so faithful to us time and again, so why doubt Him now?

So we went there and got the packet of about 100 pages we have to fill out for her- but she will start on Monday July 16th and be in a nursery with 9 other little babies her age and have tons of interaction with other kids and I think its going to be so wonderful for her!  So while we are sad that she wont be at her home and crib anymore, I actually think this is better and best for her long term development socially and spiritually.  They sing songs and tell them bible stories at this school and she will be getting lessons about Jesus each and every day!!!  Her spiritual growth is just as important, if not more so than her academic growth- and she will get both here at the DaySchool!! 

We give the Praise to Him who has been so faithful to our family- and we look forward to what He has for our sweetest little girl at her new "school."  I will certainly keep you updated as to how she does in her new surroundings.....that's all for now- next up the fourth of July celebrations and Sweetness' family was here to celebrate with us- just have to download the pictures from my camera :)

A Saturday in the life of Chloe

So this past Saturday, it was about 100 degrees out, much too hot to do the yardwork or anything really.  So we lounged in bed almost all morning, and Chloe really thought that was neat-rolling all over Mommy and Daddy! We snuggled and played games and just got a lot of lovin in on our girl!!!  She then wanted to watch her little cartoon show on BabyFirst channel and she just squeals and laughs so much with the kids on that show!!!  Its amazing how drawn they are to other children!

                        She was having a great time sitting on our bed just laughing and singing with her cartoons  :)

About 11 am she was ready for a nap and then ate some lunch around 1pm.  We then decided to take her out in her new baby pool that I purchased on Amazon.  It is sooo cute!!!  So we put Daddy on the job  of blowing the thing up, and before long he broke out the air compressor. It was a job to blow all these little parts up!!!

It was such a hit!!!!  The water was HOT coming out of the hose becausee it was over 100 degrees out, so we had to actually add some cold water to it!!  Crazy I tell ya.
So as Daddy kept his hands on her and watched closely, I was taking a zillion pictures and even took a video of her laughing and squealing with joy as she splashed and splashed!!
I love how this pool has it's own shade for the baby so they dont get so much direct sunlight!!  Its really quite ingenious.  It also comes with 3 small mushrooms, you can see the red and blue ones in the pic above--that you blow up and they sit in these small holes on the side of the main pool.  It also comes with 3 round butterflies that you blow up and they velcro to the yellow arms that support the mushroom's top!!  Its so cute to look at as well as play in.
I have since found out from my girlfriend, that she got one very similar to this for her baby at WalMart if anyone is interested in buying one like it for their little one!!
So after about 45 mins in the kiddie pool her skin was getting  a bit pruned, so we took her out, and put her straight in the bath since she was smothered in sunscreen and it makes her so oily, and she splashed some more.....

Then she had some dinner and a bottle and played in her jumperoo for a bit, and then it was time for her to go to bed for her 12 hours of beauty rest!!  We have the best baby- she sleeps for 12 hours at night and she really likes to sleep- just like her momma!!!
I hope you have enjoyed a day in the life of Chloe-she has the life really!!!