Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Home study- Take 2

As I said last post- we have to get our partially finished home study completed- because we are having to do a formal adoption at the end of the pregnancy with our surrogate. This morning I went and met with our social worker who is handling our home study. I had my individual meeting with her- Sweetness has already completed his. It was a very nice meeting today. I had to recall my whole childhood- but it was nice to tell my story and how much the Lord has brought me through ad how I have seen His hand at work in my life.

Now the last thing that will happen is she will come to our home to do a "home inspection" basically to be sure our home has room for a child(ren) and is safe and clean. So we scheduled that for next Tuesday. Mach 29. So we will go get our psych evaluation early afternoon and meet her in the late afternoon.

I am excited, I really feel as though we are moving forward and somethings are actually happening!! So after our case worker sees our home, she will write up the formal report and we will have a totally approved home study!!! We will officially be allowed by teh state to adopt a child. How nice!

In other news, my fave nurse Bethie called yesterday and they are well on their way to getting everything lined up for us. Remember that funky blood test the bio parents have to submit to? Well she talked to a maternal/fetal medicine doctor yesterday and he told her exactly what tests needed to be ordered for the bio parents of our embryos. But at least it is moving forward!!

And I spoke to my surrogate and we are meeting Friday night to review the contract from the attorney and get all the legalities signed. Woooooh. I am exhausted just thinking about all this stuff.

And to top it off, I'm not sure if I mentioned this last time, but every Wednesday night for the next 8 weeks we are taking a class to be certified to be foster parents in our city. We are doing this as a back up in case something falls through with the surrogacy. I just want to have a back up plan. Last week was week 1 and it was very informative. If nothing else you can learn good parenting skills there. So tonight is week 2 and we are pretty excited about. There are LOTS of families in there going through it with us. We met some last week and there are doctors and police officers etc. Very nice to know so many people want to help in our community.

Well that's all for now- will update again soon!
PS- to the person who donated anonymously to our surrogate fund.....Thank YOU!!!! That was so much appreciated!

Love to you all!