Monday, November 5, 2012

Halloween 2012

So Chloe's first Halloween was soooo much fun!!!!  Technically this is not her first Halloween, as last Halloween she was about 14 days old.  But this time she got to dress up and we took her on the town trick or treating!!
To start the day, we got her up and got her all dressed in her costume- she was a precious little flower!!!
Because the children could wear their costumes to school that day- we let her wear hers at least until we got her there.
She is just the most precious little girl- and she looked so adorable in these pictures!!!
Love that smile---pure joy!!!!
Such a poser......

When she was dropped off at nursery school, she immediately went
 to her favorite teacher Ms. Cassie (like every morning)....  here they are.......
Ms. Cassie was trying to help me get a good picture of her....
She had a fun day with her friends as usual.  Then I picked her up,
and we headed to our new pediatrician, Dr. H.  It was such a wonderful surprise to see 
the nurse that opened the door to call us, was Sherie, one of my past students I had trained
2 years ago to become a nurse!!!  She was the sweetest person and now she will be
taking care of my baby!!!!  I snapped this picture before they made me undress her......

That was a tough visit fro sure- my poor baby girl got 5 FIVE shots!!!!!  It broke my heart to watch her cry like that!!!  But I have to keep her safe especially around all these little germ factories at nursery school!!!

So then we  headed home and I thought she would be too tired or feel awful from the vaccines to go, but she was so happy that Grandma was over- she wanted to go outside and Trick or treat!!
So we piled her in her wagon, and grabbed her pumpkin bucket. and off we went.....

Our neighborhood's littlest Superman.....Jason at 2 months.
Chloe getting her candy on!!!
Neighborhood kids.....
Plus Chloe!!!!
Please excuse me, I was not planning on having my picture taken at all that night,
but just for my Chloe, I am including one of our little family.
She was so happy watching all the children and holding fistfuls of candy!!  LOL
Daddy taking her up to another door.....
This baby was so dag on cute!!!  Her momma made her yarn wig, and she looked
just like a Cabbage Patch Kid!!!
A sweet little dragon....

We were getting cold and tired, and Daddy was tired of
carrying her all around, she is getting soooo heavy!!
So we headed back to the house, and Chloe
was ready to dive in to her Tootsie Roll Pop!!!
She even shared some with Grandma!!!
Then she got to sit and survey all her loot!!!!
She kept trying to shovel it in with the wrappers on,
but we had to intervene and eat the candy for her.....LOL

What a fun experience with our precious girl!!!  Next when she can walk and really get it,
will be even more fun!!!  I hope you guys enjoyed our little girl's first real Halloween.
Loving her never gets old-there is always new exciting things to explore every day!!!

Happy Halloween Baby Girl!!!!