Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Why are we a private blog???

Well just a quick reason as to why I had to take this blog private. A financial aid worker here at the university where I work told me through email that she was enjoying reading my blog. WAIT!!!! STOP....... WHAT????? Your reading what??? So after I picked my heart up off the floor, I asked her how she found my blog and she said a student came and was tell her how wonderful a teacher I was and how much she enjoyed having me as a professor, and she could not place the face with the name so she 'googled" me and found my blog. Well that's a lie, because I tried that and my blog did not come up.

Anyways, she exposed herself, and I shut the blog down immediately. Then I was flooded with emails from all of my friends why they could not see the blog. And I know this came at the MOST INOPPORTUNE time, right when Chloe was about to arrive. So I HAD to figure a way that every body could share in the joy of seeing my girl and follow the end of this very long journey to Chloe.

So if any of your friends who are still not authorized to view the blog and I KNOW who they are would like to read it, have them email me and send me their email address.. I will not be adding strangers. I'm sorry.

On the baby front, we are still waiting. She isn't due technically until Oct. 17th but she is about to pop and she is going back on Thursday to the doctor to see what they will, either induce or something. So I will be sure to let you all know.

Thanks for all the support and she has told me MANY times she will be signing the papers. so thankfully I think we are ready to get 'er done!!!

Love you all!!

Why are we a private blog???